Doctor Who Cutlery!

DW Cutlery

You’ll be able to dine like the doctor with this fantastic new set of sonic screwdriver cutlery. The silverware is available from Entertainment Earth starting in November, but you can pre-order it now. The cutlery is $29.99 for a set of 3 (a fork, knife, and a spoon). Make sure you grab multiple sets so you have enough for you and your companion(s)!

DW Tools

Want to go all out? Make sure you grab the peeler ($16.99) and the washing brush ($15.99) as well!

Will you be picking up these Doctor who-themed tools? Do you have any Doctor Who decor in your kitchen?

Turn Your Door into the TARDIS


I’ve always wanted to paint my door a vibrant color, and since I started watching Doctor Who, the color of choice has become TARDIS blue. However,  I currently live in an apartment and painting my door would be frowned upon and more work than it would be worth. So in the meantime, I can get this decal from ThinkGeek. The door cling is made from PVC and can be easily removed or reapplied. It comes as one large sheet, and you cut holes as you need it for door handles/peep holes/etc. This means a bit more initial work for you, but a nicer, more custom fit for your door.

It’s sure to be a conversation starter. Stick it on a closet door and hope that it turns it bigger on the inside, or stick it on your main door to turn everyday you leave your home into an adventure. Who knows where you might end up this time!

Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cling, $59.99 at

(Bonus: Think Geek currently has a “Buy One, Get One for 50%” deal going on for their whole site. Just use promo code “TRIBBLEMATH” until 11:59pm ET 9/12/13.)

Tentacle Wall Decal

octopus tentacles

How cool would these be peeking out of your bathtub? These tentacle wall decals come in a variety of sizes, so they can come out of your sink, tub, shower, or anywhere else you may want. Tentacles not your thing? StickerBrand has a variety of options including tree branches, pirate ships, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the moon.

StickerBrand is available on for a limited time, so grab them while you can get the discount!

Build a Personal IMAX Theater

Have tons of money lying around? Have a part of your house you don’t ever use? Will you only watch movies if they’re 20 feet tall and in 3D? You should get yourself a personal IMAX theater. And then we should become close friends. I’ll bring the popcorn.

IMAX’s website claims that “Everyone’s experience it. Few will own it.” After speaking with a personal consultant, they will look at the space you have available and design a theater and sound system exclusively for you to give you the best quality of film-watching possible. You’ll be just like the directors who watch their IMAX films in a private theater for the first time, except you’ve never directed anything and probably have more money than them.

See more at The price isn’t listed, which means it’s automatically out of my price range. I’ll stick to my normal-sized TV for now.

Home Decor Inspired by Doctor Who

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) was my favorite of the season so far. As the title would indicate, we got to explore a bit more of the inside of the TARDIS, and included in that is a grand library with a few fun items. I personally would love to incorporate the feel of that library and these items into my own home decor!

Encylopedia GallifryGallifreyan encylopedias house verbal stories and facts in bottles, and they look amazing on a shelf. This forum is currently discussing the bottles and where to get them to make your own encyclopedia. If you don’t care if it’s the same bottle, then just get enough of the same bottle to fill your shelf, print out your own labels, and stick them on with some spray adhesive or rubber cement. You can go above and beyond by sticking a small recording device in the top of some of the bottles: when you remove the top and press “play” your own recorded history can begin spouting out, just with less purple smoke.

Doctor Who - Series 7B

I fell in love with this grand book and book stand when I saw it. Although we can’t purchase the book (yet–give it time, I’m sure it’ll be made), we can take the idea of putting our books on display and run with it. Find an old book that means something to you, and find an area of your house where you can display it prominently on a stand. Can’t find a giant gold book stand like the one in the episode? Look for cookbook holders. They’re often intricate, pretty, fairly inexpensive, and just take up a bit of room on a countertop. I have an antique one I bought a few years back, but has some antique-looking ones available for under $30 each. I recommend this one and this one.

Really want the look of the Time War book? Etch the shape and designs into clay, bake it, then adhere it to a fake leather-bound journal. Voila!

What elements of Doctor Who and the TARDIS would you incorporate into your home?

Threadless Home Goods

Threadless just keeps branching out to new products. Give them enough time, and everything in your home and on your body can be a Threadless design. (At least, we can only hope!) Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your home:

Throw Pillows, $24.50


Dish Sets, $19.50

Pet Beds, $24.50

Make sure you check out everything they have to offer (including Wall prints, iPhone cases, and more!) at


Smell Like Your Favorite Author

The Library collection of candles won’t make your home smell like old books–instead, it will make your home smell reminiscent of your favorite author. Whether you prefer the cardamom, sandalwood and absinthe scent of Edger Allan Poe or the gardenia, tuberose and jasmine scent of Jane Austen, there’s a candle for you. I personally think Oscar Wilde would make a fantastic candle for the kitchen–it’s cedarwood, thyme and basil!

Which author do you most want your house to smell like?

The Library Collection, $8-$28 at

Geek Etiquette: Maintain Your Home

You most likely don’t want to be known as the creepy house with overgrown weeds. If kids run away screaming from your lawn, and refuse to get baseballs that land in your backyard, then you may have a problem.

Brightnest solves that problem in a tech-savvy way. Sign up for the service, and they’ll post home-maintenance reminders as they apply to you. You’ll be reminded to do things like purchase a fire extinguisher, clean out your microwave, or weed your lawn. The reminders come with an estimated timeframe for the activity, and you can assign tasks to other members of your home. Brightnest also allows you to store information like paint chips, user manuals, and important phone numbers so they’re all in one place and don’t end up cluttering a drawer.

I love that the tips are often things I just don’t even think about. It sets me up to become a great homeowner/apartment-renter!

Sign up at

Fairy Tale-Inspired Decor From West Elm

I had the pleasure of attending another West Elm meetup last week, where I was shown their newest collections. Their South African influenced Fall collection is bright and beautiful, but my inspirations were hidden elsewhere in the store.

I have fairy tales on the brain. After attending a Fairy Tale and Superhero Lore panel and checking out a bunch of props from Grimm up close and personal at SDCC, I just can’t shake the feeling that I need more fairy tales in my life. So while I was at West Elm, I spotted a bunch of items that I would include in a fun, woodsy/fairy tale-inspired home.

Twig Flatware
This flatware is gorgeous and looks and feels like twigs. It would be right at home in a cabin hidden in an enchanted forest.
$39 for a 5 piece set.

Paper Mache Birds
This beautiful bird found in the Seattle store can easily be made with one of West Elm’s paper mache birds and your favorite fairy tale.
$12 and under.

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover
Add some “Beast chic” to your home with this cozy pillow.

Tree Stump Side Table
Pay homage to the Woodcutter with one of these side tables. Bonus points if you keep a stack of your favorite vintage fairy tale books on it!
$199 each.

Would you add fairy tale elements to your decor, or do you prefer a different genre to inspire you? Let me know in the comments!