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Nintendo Cartridge Jewelry

  Etsy shop OhMyGeekness¬†has come out with the cutest little pieces of nostalgia: NES cartridge jewelry. The pieces range in price from $14-45, with most items around $16. In addition to NES, she’s got N64, Xbox 360, PS1, and PS2 cartridges, and a variety of cute geeky and game-related characters […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Elegant Star Jewelry by Assya

I’ve always loved stars, especially on jewelry. Nothing else can show a love for space and a metaphor for being important while reminding you of the largeness of the world. Plus, as a kid, I always wanted to become “a star” in the performing sense. This star jewelry, designed by […]

Geeky Fashion

Flask Bangle

Whether you’re still looking for a big-ticket item for a gift, looking for the perfect thing to wear one New Year’s Eve, or just need something to cope with all of the holiday parties and family trips this time of year, I present to you the flask bangle. Be the […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Constellation Jewelry

Is someone on your holiday list a shining star? Do you love them to the moon and back? Do they make you think of other space and star-related cliches and puns? You should get them this jewelry. These bracelets and necklaces feature constellations that represent the signs of the zodiac. […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

ThinkGeek’s Charm Bracelet

If you were to believe the ads that are everywhere around this time of year, you’d think every woman wanted a European-style charm bracelet with the following “unique” and “personal” items on it: flip flops, a crystal birthstone, a ladybug, the Eiffel Tower, and a purse. I’ve never in my […]

Geeky Fashion

Vintage Pocket Knife Necklace

This necklace will ensure that you will always be prepared and fashionable. FieldGuideDesign¬†starts with a vintage pocket knife and turns it into a practical and attractive necklace with a bit of paint. You’ll never be far away from the tools you need, and your hipster-y friends will just think you’re […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Thor Hammer Ring

This Thor hammer ring is my favorite type of geeky jewelry: It’s subtle and stylish enough that non-geeks will compliment you on it. Once they do, you can explain what it’s based on, and potentially turn a fashionista into comic book fan! Plus, how strong will you feel wearing Mighty […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Fortune Keeper Bracelet

I have a couple fortunes from fortune cookies that I have saved over the years, but they always end up in the weirdest places. Corners of mirrors, taped to my laptop, hidden in a wallet…if I had this bracelet, I could keep those fortunes close to me at all times. […]


Geek Etiquette: Reuse Your Toys

Mr. Geek and I have been doing some “summer cleaning” lately, and with that comes the discovery of a lot of small toys, figurines, swag from conventions, and other goodies that are fun but mostly just take up space. Instead of tossing them, or even worse, leaving them to gather […]