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Harry Potter Jewelry

I’ve been finding some fabulous Harry Potter-inspired jewelry lately, and it’s making me really want to pick up and head out to Hogwarts. Or at least the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Always jealous you didn’t get into Hogwarts? Let your friends think you did. $45 on Etsy. Keep the […]

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Decoder Rings for Grown-Ups

I’ve always wanted a decoder ring. I never got them in my cereal boxes, never got an offer in the back of my comic books. Thankfully, Think Geek just came out with one for me. These stainless steel rings look amazing, and the decoding options? ENDLESS. Get them for a […]

Gift Ideas

Jewelry for DC Comics Lovers

Noir Jewelry made this incredible line of DC comics inspired jewelry. Gotham City ring, $225 Wonder Woman Necklace, $225 Supergirl Bracelet, $95 Bat Girl Cufflinks (But I think they could be given to a Bat Man as well!), $75 A bit pricey, but worth it for the superwoman in your […]

Gift Ideas

Molecular Jewelry

Need to find a cute gift for the science lover in your life? Then take a look at the Made With Molecules jewelry! This jewelry combines sterling silver with a specific molecule design to create a fun, personal gift. Plus, you can show your love of chocolate, caffeine, or red […]