Play with your Food with the Edible Games Cookbook

If you’re like me, you love games AND you love cooking. No game night is complete without a few snacks or treats themed around what we’re playing. But what if you could combine both things into one and actually play a game with your food?

Jenn Sandercock did just this when she created the Edible Games Cookbook. She designed 12 different games centered around food and put it together into a beautiful 300 page hardcover book. And starting today, you can pledge for a copy of this book on Kickstarter! The book itself contains recipes, game rules, and modifications for both. Are you a beginner cook? A vegan? Playing with kids? Playing with grown-ups? There’s something for you. There’s even a game completely centered around getting kids to eat their veggies in a fun way!

I sat down with Jenn to talk a bit about the book and what led her to create it:

Why edible games?
It’s more like why not? It just seems so natural to me. As soon as I got into game design I was always trying to think of different ways to push games or use other things in my life I like, like dancing and food. Whenever I showed people the ideas I had around food games, people thought they were amazing, so I wanted to keep doing that. A cookbook is the best way to let other people play these games, because I just want other people to have fun.


What’s your favorite game in the cookbook?

The Patisserie Code. It’s the most annoying to make (it takes the most amount of time) but it takes cream puffs or profiteroles. My family, we called them petit choux. We ate them from quite a young age. My mom got them from a nearby bakery and when it closed, she started making them. I knew I wanted to make a game with cream puffs and I’m really happy with the game that ended up coming out of it. 

What would you say to someone who’s intimidated in the kitchen?
A lot of the games don’t require cooking at all, just go to the market and buy some ingredients.  Even for the more complex games (like The Patisserie Code), I’ve got a lot of cheat ways you can get around it, like you can buy things from the store. Even if somebody’s a total amateur, I ‘ve got options to help people be able to make them. 


When you’re not playing with food, what are your favorite games?
At the moment my favorite tabletop/card game is Just Desserts, so staying on theme! I bought it because I wanted to see what other people were doing around food games, but I really enjoyed playing the game.
In terms of digital games, I was recently playing a game on my phone called Hexologic, and that’s a really lovely puzzle game.
I’ve been playing through LA Noire on the Switch, I worked on LA Noire and never had the time to finish it, so that feels really good.


Check out the Kickstarter today and download a sample chapter of the award-winning “Order of the Oven Mitt” game. Let me know in the comments if you back it!

The Unicorn Files on Kickstarter

Unicorn Files


If you like geeky ladies, geeky homes, gorgeous pics, and fun interviews, then this Kickstarter is for you. The Unicorn Files is a project focusing on debunking the myth of the “female geek” by interviewing and photographing these women in their homes. They’re creating a book of all of these photos, and you can now pledge for it on Kickstarter!

I did a photo session with The Unicorn Files last year, and it was a blast. Terra and Nate are wonderful to work with, super sweet, and very passionate about the project. I can’t wait to see what the finished book will look like, and have been loving the preview pics they have up on the Kickstarter page! It’s ridiculously fun to see these geeky women in their own homes. My voyeuristic side always wants to know what type of environment people live in and how they decorate their space. I really enjoy this peek into their lives.

Backing this project will not only get you a copy of the book and other goodies, but it will show your support for geeky women-run businesses. I’d say it’s a win-win. You can see more on their Kickstarter page!

3D Print Pancakes with PancakeBot



I’ve been waiting for the day when 3D printers would become a bit more delicious, and that day is here. This PancakeBot uses 3D printing technology to pour pancake batter directly on a griddle, making pancakes in the shape of anything you wish.

The PancakeBot will retail for $299 but can be purchased from their Kickstarter campaign for $179. Not a bad price to pay for the best breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and snacks, and desserts…) ever.

I’m guessing the printer can be used for more than just pancake batter. I’d be interested in using melted chocolate with the griddle turned off to make fun chocolate shapes.

Will you be purchasing a PancakeBot? And if so, can I come over for breakfast?

(Hat tip to Steven for sending the link my way!)

The Cones of Dunshire Is Going To Be An Actual Game You Can Play

If you’re a Parks and Rec fan and a lover of board games, your day has come. Ben Wyatt’s “gaming experience,” The Cones of Dunshire, is currently on Kickstarter to be made into a pricey Deluxe version. While the Kickstarter cheekily looks as if it’s from the accounting firm Ben worked at, it’s actually by Mayfair games, who created the game for Parks and Recreation.

The Kickstarter will stay up throughout the run of the last season of Parks and Rec, and hints at the fact that we’ll see The Cones of Dunshire on the show again. By pledging, you can get some Cones of Dunshire-branded swag, tickets to GenCon to see a jumbo-size charity game of The Cones of Dunshire played, or for $500+, you can get your own deluxe version to play whenever you’d like. Mayfair claims they have no plans to make an affordable commercial version: instead they want to appeal to super fans of the show and game that will be wiling to spend the money for an exclusive item. It will only be available through this Kickstarter. Which brings me to the question: Who do I know that will be purchasing a copy? I’d be happy to provide snacks if I can play. I call Ledgerman.

Check it out at

MOAR Nail Wraps From Espionage Cosmetics!


Today, Espionage Cosmetics launched their second Kickstarter. If you missed out on their nail wraps the first time, need to refill your stock, or (like me) just can’t wait to get the new designs, you’ve gotta pledge now.

The nail wraps are geeky, beautiful, and easy to use, and this time many of the designs are licensed. This means you can fangirl even harder with official products from your fave creators.

I’m particularly excited for Baker Street, Lunar Phase, Mermaid, and Treasure Map wraps, and the “Glitter is the New Black” t-shirt. Check out all of the initial new designs below and let me know what you’re excited for in the comments! (More wraps may be unlocked if and when they hit stretch goals, so keep checking in on their page!)


What are you waiting for? Go pledge now! 

Pre-Order Geeky Sprinkles!

Missed my Geeky Sprinkle Kickstarter? Now’s your chance to order sprinkles!  I opened up the pre-order page today so non-backers can place orders before the initial shipment arrives.

You can purchase bottles of lightning bolt, blue policebox, steampunk gear, or meeple sprinkles as well as accessories like the Geeky Hostess apron, themed recipes, and cupcake pins.

Go here: or click through the widget above to visit the pre-order page! (And let me know in the comments what you’re planning on making with your sprinkles!)

A New Nomiku is on Kickstarter!


You may remember my post about Nomiku from last November: It’s a super easy-to-use sous vide device and it’s about to get even easier and sleeker. The new Nomiku, announced today via Kickstarter, is smaller, has a larger screen, and is Wifi-compatible. This means you can use Nomiku’s “Tender” app to find sous vide recipes from well-known chefs and other members of the Nomiku community, and send the instructions straight to your Nomiku.

The Kickstarter has been up for half a day, and they’ve already reached over 60% of their goal. If you’re interested in trying out sous vide cooking, take advantage of their early bird pricing and get yourself a Nomiku asap! Visit them at

Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook Kickstarter!

Kitchen Overlord Kickstarter

I’ve posted about The Kitchen Overlord and her amazing books before (including Wood for Sheep and the Doctor Who cookbook), and I’m super excited about her newest project. She’s working with artist Tom Gordon to created a fully illustrated cookbook of various unique (but easy!) geeky recipes. There will be 50 recipes from a variety of fandoms including Alien, BSG, The Princess Bride, D&D, and more!

The Kickstarter is already double its goal with over 30 days left. This means that new rewards have been added and a “Carbs Against Humanity” set of cards have been unlocked and are available for download!

You can get a copy of the Ebook for a $10 pledge, and an actual copy of the book for your hands for $25.

Find out more info at!

I can’t wait to see the finished product. What recipe are you most excited about?

Make a little “Something” with this Baking Mold


A fellow Kickstarter creator has created “something” that I think you’ll all enjoy. This silicone baking mold can help you make punny gifts all the time forever. “Just a little something for you!” “I got you something!” “Something old, something new…”

Yes. The mold is of the word “something.” You can use it for cakes, chocolate, breads, jello, ice, soap, and whatever else you can imagine.

So if you like puns as much as I do, go pledge now! You can get the mold, a book of recipes/ideas, and more goodies for $38.

What “something” would you make with your mold?


Help Support a Nerdy Tea Company!


Friday Afternoon Tea is in the middle of a Kickstarter to help “level up” their business. They’ll be using the money to get better packaging, sell at more conventions, and get their brand out there. But why do you care? Because Friday Afternoon Tea is a geeky tea company. And not only do they create tea blends based on geeky things, their tea is delicious. I tried the Bard’s blend (yes, they have blends based on different classes, and yes, the Bard blend has SPRINKLES in it), and it was amazing!

By donating to the Kickstarter, you’ll receive tea of your choice, and you’ll be helping out an awesome small business. Donate $50, and you will even get a custom tea blend made just for you!

The Kickstarter’s only running until Saturday and it’s close to hitting its goal, but not there yet. Please donate and share with your friends!