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Cross-Stitch Mario Coasters

I received one of the coolest gifts ever from my friend Lisa: cross-stitch Mario coasters. The coasters are photo coasters with a bit of cross-stitch fabric slipped in where the photo would go. Lisa found the pattern from the Mario Power-Up post on SpriteStitch.com. I’m a noob to cross-stitch, but […]


Super Mario Wedding Invites

These invites are one of the cutest, most original geek invitations I’ve seen. Larry T Quach created them for his friends’ wedding, and was awesome enough to blog about them. He also made great favors for all of the guests, complete with a thank you card, meal card, and gold […]

Crafty Geek

Get Crafty with World of Geekcraft

Allow your crafty side to mingle with your geeky side in World of Geekcraft, featuring craft projects to please every type of Geek. The book includes projects such as D&D dice earrings, Super Mario cross-stitch, Morse code quilts, Wii holsters. It’s a great option for families as the summer gets […]

Geeky Fashion

Super Mario Sneakers

These sneakers are the cutest things I’ve seen… and I swear I’d be able to run faster if I had a bunch of tiny Marios helping me! They’ll be released in July, potentially only in Japan. Keep an eye out! (More details here.)

A Geeky Home

Mario-Themed Propaganda Posters

Let’s be honest. Every once in a while, you feel bad for the bad guys in the Mario game. I mean, the Goombas are just waddling along. Do they deserve to be squished? Show your support with these Mario-themed propaganda posters. They’ll go so well next to the ones you […]

Geek Etiquette, Weddings

Ridiculously Geeky Proposal

This proposal is the sweetest thing. And not because it’s some huge, theatrical number like other proposals that have made the rounds, but because the people are real, and a little nervous and uncomfortable, and joking around with each other. And it’s Mario themed, which is freakin adorable. Favorite line: […]

Geek Etiquette

Show off your Geeky Family

Those stick figure family decals are over-rated. And from an episode of Dexter I saw, can potentially lead to your son being kidnapped. Just saying. Show other cars that your family’s the best with these geeky family decals: Kelly Kreations on Etsy has a variety of fun (and mostly geeky) […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Cozy Mario Pipe Scarf

…Weird title for an absolutely delightful product. This homemade scarf would be the perfect thing to spread your geek cred on the cold, blustery days. Heck, I’d wear it inside while playing Super Mario Bros. Just because I could. Dear Etsy, if anyone on your site begins to sell these, […]

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1337 Manicures

Need a way to show off your 1337 skills while playing your favorite video game? Get some inspiration from this girl’s video game nail art! Her Mario nails are even taking advantage of two of the most trendy colors this year–teal and black! Which video game would YOU put on […]