GeeksGoGlam: This SDCC Party is a Must!


Are you attending SDCC? Then you’ve gotta hit up Geeks Go Glam, the party that almost had me buying a plane ticket out to San Diego.

Hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Being Geek Chic (some of my favorite geeky sites!), the party is an excuse to pack your formal dresses and tuxes. Think of it as “Nerd Prom.”

According to the event page, “There will be live music, a tea party offering of tea, coffee and delicious snacks, a photo booth, a raffle with amazing prizes from your favorite chic nerdy retailers and lots of dancing with other glamorous geeks.”

I won’t be there myself, but I’ve sent some Geeky Sprinkles to adorn some of the treats. So if you attend, keep an eye out and send me some pics!

Tickets are $15 at Brown Paper Tickets. Will you be attending?

Bob’s Burgers “Build a Burger” Party

Botd Frankly My Dear

Bob’s Burgers’ 5th season premiere is this Sunday, October 5th, and what better way to celebrate than with a burger party?

I invited some friends over to create puntastic Burgers of the Day. (If you haven’t seen the show, Bob creates a different burger of the day for each episode, and they’re all fantastic. This Tumblr catalogs them all.) I supplied the basics: burger patties, a couple different buns, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and condiments, and encouraged them to bring any weirder ingredients they may need to make their burgers. They outdid themselves. Here is a sampling of some of the burgers, but you can see them all on the Bob’s Burger Party Pinterest Board! (The photo at the top of the post is “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a ham”: Comes with frankfurters and ham. Made by @Satire.)

Botd You Cheddar Believe “You Cheddar Believe It”: Comes with English Cheddar mixed in the patty, topped with more Cheddar. Made by @TifaRobles.

Botd I'm Bacon you “I’m Bacon You to Stop”: Bacon mixed into the burger, comes bacon wrapped. Made by @TheMikeRobles.

Botd Perks of Being “The Perks of Being a Cauliflower”: Comes with fried cauliflower and sriracha mayo. Made by @hudsonfilm.

Botd Cupcake “Piece of Cupcake”: A sneak peek of the burger cupcakes that will be on the blog tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Are you a Bob’s Burgers fan? Will you be tuning in on Sunday for the Season 5 premiere?

Galentine’s Day Party

Waffle Bar Collage

You know Valentine’s Day is coming up on the 14th, but are you prepped for Galentine’s Day? The holiday, created by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, is a celebration of your girlfriends held on February 13th. I thought I’d show my friends some love Leslie Knope-style, by hosting a Waffle Brunch!

The waffle bar included waffles (I used this recipe here, but you can use any you’d like!), butter, Nutella, peanut butter, strawberries, mini chocolate chips, bananas, two types of syrup, whipped cream, and festive sprinkles. Leslie Knope once said that Galentine’s Day was like “Lilith Fair, minus the angst plus frittatas” so I also made a frittata based on this recipe (not pictured). We all washed the waffles down with mimosas!

Table Setting Collage

The Galentine’s Day Brunch gave me a chance to be extra girly with my decorations. I went with a red, pink, and Valentine’s Day theme with a hint of Parks and Rec quotes throughout. Most of the items shown were found at The House of Bachelorette and Party at Display and Costume. You can get individual banner letters from party stores, so you too can make a “TreatYoSelf” banner. I have a feeling I’ll  be reusing mine many times! A couple more fun tidbits about the tablescape:

  • I made the conversation heart vase by putting flowers in a small vase and then putting that into a larger vase. Then you just fill the additional space in the larger vase with candy!
  • The roses were from Whole Foods–you can get 20 roses for $20 (when you’re lucky to find a dozen for $60 at other places) and the roses are “Whole Trade,” meaning the money goes back to help the farm workers and their communities through scholarships and funding of community centers and homes.
  • Sprinkles make a fun substitute for confetti on a table, especially for a waffle party.
  • Use a bracelet, hair elastic, or some other inexpensive but fun gift for the napkin “ring.” Your guests can then take it home with them at the end of the party!

Treat Collage

It’s not Galentine’s Day without gifts! I assigned my friends “Secret Galentines” in advance, so each person could surprise another with a fantastic gift. The ladies didn’t disappoint! Each gift was absolutely perfect for the recipient, and we had a fantastic time going around and sharing them.

I also left a Galentine’s Day gift on each girl’s chair. I thought I’d mix fandoms a bit and go for a Wonder Woman theme (I’m sure Leslie Knope would approve). Each girl received one of my X-Ray Totes with a matching lip gloss and some cute earrings. I made the earrings a bit cuter and more “on-theme” by finding an image of a Wonder Woman comic online and printing it on cardstock. Then I just pierced the earrings through each card! You can do the same thing with images of vintage valentines or anything else that piques your interest.

When we weren’t opening gifts or chowing down on waffles, we were going through Table Topics and just catching up on girl talk. It was fantastic, but don’t worry–I had a plan in place for those who wouldn’t want to participate.

RS Corner

I mean, we’ve all had moments where we just need some bacon, whiskey, and a heavy set of headphones to drown out talking, right?

After we all adequately hydrated ourselves with mimosas, it was time to try out the photo wall.

Galentine Photo Booth Collage
A photo wall’s a great way to make sure pics will be taken at your party. You can set up a camera on a tripod, or you can let everyone Instagram themselves silly. I made mine with two 8 foot sheets of pink butcher paper, and a custom “Happy Galentine’s Day” banner. I then grabbed my trusty box of costumes and props and set it near the wall. The setup was simple, inexpensive, and worked out well!

So, Happy early-Galentine’s Day from my friends to yours. Do you have any Galentine’s Day plans?

Anybots: Send Robots in Your Place


Do you have a wedding, important conference, or other big event coming up, but you just don’t feel like going? (Hey, we’ve all had those days where the siren song of sweatpants and Netflix marathons drags us away from the outside world.) Get a robot to go in your stead.

Anybots has created a “Virtual Presence System” that consists of an “avatar” attending an event on your behalf, while you’re back at home, viewing the festivities through the bot’s eyes. You can communicate with others at the event, see everything going on, and even dance if the mood strikes you! If you’re in the San Francisco area, Anybots can even send out an escort for the avatar to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Anybots are available to rent for $325 for a day or purchase for $9,700.

Would you rent a robot to attend an event on your behalf? Would you rent one for an event you’re planning? How would you incorporate a robot in your festivities?

Find out more at

Hat Tip: New York Times

Hocus Pocus Cocktails

For my birthday, I wanted a low key night where I watched Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) with some friends. Apparently low-key to me means fall foods, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and three specialty cocktails inspired by the Sanderson sisters (and based on the color of their robes). The cocktails are all pretty easy and fairly low maintenance during a party. Just set them up right before and you won’t have to worry about it while you watch a movie or dance until you’re dead. Without further ado:


Sarah: Bubbly, sparkly, and purple. This drink attracted all of the men. 


Pour a little bit of Chambord into the bottom of a champagne glass. Fill the glass with champagne. Top with a few Pop Rocks.



Winifred: Traditionally witchy, strong, and has a pretty big bite.


  • Jolly Rancher Green Apple Jello
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Cinnamon Whiskey (I used SinFire)

Heat one cup of water on the stove until boiling. Add in the Jello mix and mix until fully dissolved. Add in 1 cup of Cinnamon Whiskey and a couple ice cubes, mix. Pour into Jello shot containers and let chill in the fridge for four hours.



Mary: Fruity, fun, and reliable. 


  • 1 Part Raspberry Vodka
  • 2 Parts Pomegranate Juice
  • 2 Parts Cranberry Sprite

Mix together in a large pitcher with ice and pour into individual cups.

Which Sanderson sister is your favorite? 

Halloween Game Night: Creepy Tea Party

For this year’s Halloween post, I wanted to put together a dinner party that incorporated one of my favorite games, Betrayal At House On The Hill. Since the game is focused on exploring a (most likely haunted) house, I thought I would invite people over under the premise of a will reading at an old house. I took inspiration from movies like The Haunting and House on Haunted Hill. They would enjoy a meal then spend time “exploring the house” (or playing the game). To make the party extra fun, I read through some potential scenarios in Betrayal and picked one that would allow me to theme the night. I went with the scenario titled “Voodoo” and decided to do something a bit different than your average Halloween dinner: A tea party.

Tea Party

The tea party. And the dolls.

You see, this tea party had dolls. Creepy, broken-faced dolls. They were on the table and became an important part of the game. Each character had a doll that represented them that they needed to find in the house before it killed them. We painted their dolls with red nail polish to make it look like they were bleeding from their eyes. As guests arrived, they were welcomed to the will reading and told that they could enjoy a favorite meal of the deceased: foods that are all small enough for a doll to eat. We all made small talk as ourselves if we were in the world where we knew eccentric doll collector Harold Winchester III. It was awkward. Delightfully awkward.

Once dinner finished, we cleared the table and started playing Betrayal, or in the party world, “Walked around the house until we found Harold’s favorite room for us to read the will in.” Once the room was “found” (or the haunt started, for those who have played the game), we produced the will and individual clues written for each player. This let them know what would happen in the story of the night, as well as what they would need to know to continue the second half of the game.


The gameplay and props.

The game was very creepy and fun, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Want to plan your own creepy tea party? I recommend the following:

    • Dolls. I visited Goodwill multiple times looking for all of their broken or creepy dolls. The cashier asked me if I was sure that I actually wanted to buy them. I assured him they were for a “creepy Halloween thing.” I ended up having to find pictures of dolls for a small “photo album” I created for the night, and I ended up learning I have a fear of dolls. Don’t Google “pictures of dolls.” Or do. Go ahead, it’s your nightmare. If the dolls you’re finding at thrift stores aren’t creepy enough, consider adding fake blood, rotating their head, or changing their outfit.
    • Table Decor. Now is the time to find your frilliest doilies, tea cups, and platters. You can find tons of doilies on Amazon or at a local party store. I found my tea cups at Goodwill and chose to go with slightly mismatched ones to add a weirder vibe.
    • Dinner. Any small finger food will do. I wanted there to be enough to make a full dinner, but to still feel like a tea party. Trader Joe’s was my saving grace. Their frozen section has tons of delicious frozen appetizers (my favorites are the Pastry Pups!). Other than pre-made food at Trader Joe’s, I also made deviled eggs, tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella tea sandwiches, and hummus and cucumber tea sandwiches. This worked out well because I could prep eggs and sandwiches while the pre-made food was in the oven.
    • Dessert. You need something to go with your tea! We had shortbread cookies and cupcakes (of course). I went for a plain, pretty vanilla cupcake, but put a tart and “bloody” cherry pie filling in the center as a surprise.
    • Drinks. Tea, of course. Raid your tea selection or grab a few options from a store. Don’t forget the sugar cubes! For those who wanted something more potent, I had a bottle of champagne and a couple bottles of Benefactor Cellars’ Chardonnay (available from Trader Joe’s).
    • Props. Create invitations in the form of a message from a lawyer inviting them to a will reading. Write out directions and clues for the game and give them out as inheritances from the will. Take pictures of dolls and incorporate them into books or framed photos around the house and on the table.
Liz Betrayal

Photos from Liz’s Instagram

Overall, just be as frilly and old fashioned as possible, be extra cheery to your guests, and play weird choral music, classical music, or (if you can find it) children singing.

Kristina Betrayal

Photos from Kristina’s Instagram. See her blog post here:

Team Hypercube took some video footage of the party. Check it out for more on the dinner and the game:

Want to throw your own combo Dinner and Betrayal party? Many of the scenarios will work. If dolls and tea parties aren’t your thing, I would recommend crafting a theme around one of these (all found in the handbooks that accompany the game):

  • “The Dance of Death”
  • “Lost”
  • “An Invocation of Darkness”
  • “Better with Friends”
  • “Checkmate”
  • “The Heir”
  • “Death Doth Find Us All”
  • “The Feast”

Would you throw a creepy doll tea party? What would you incorporate in yours?

Friday Favorites: October 18

Friday Faves 10-18

This week has me prepping my Halloween post shoot, prepping for GeekGirlCon, and prepping for various other parties/events happening in the next few weeks. With my birthday, my friends’ birthdays, Halloween, and more, the 2nd half of October is always an adventure! Here are the things I’ve been loving this past week:

Favorite Con: GeekGirlCon
GeekGirlCon is this weekend! I’ll be writing up a full post later on where I’ll be and when, but regardless, I’m thrilled to spend a weekend with tons of lovely geeky women (and geeky women supporters). Tickets are sold out online, but a limited supply will be available at the door. Will I see you there?

Favorite Charitable Event: Extra Life
Extra Life is coming up on November 2nd and I still have to make a list of the video game-inspired food I’ll be making! I’ll be making all of the meals during the 25 hour time frame, and they all will be video game themed. Cheer me on by making a pledge, all the money goes to the Seattle Children’s Hospital! Let me know in the comments what video game food you’d like to see me make.

Favorite Game: Full Screen Mario
When I need a quick break and a dose of nostalgia, I turn to Full Screen Mario. It’s got all of the levels you know and love plus a level generator for some new fun! Try it out now.

Favorite Party Supplies: Oriental Trading
I just received a new shipment from Oriental Trading this week with supplies for four different projects I’m currently working on. I love ordering from them because they have so many cool things, their prices are great, and it gets here fairly fast. I can’t wait to play with all of my new goodies! Start shopping.

What are you loving this week?

Cupcake Inspiration From the Trophy Book Launch

I attended the Trophy Cupcakes Book Launch Party over the weekend, and was in awe of how many ways they displayed cupcakes throughout the event. They were all beautiful and a lot of them were pretty unique! Here are some of my favorite bits of cupcake inspiration taken from the event. Keep them in mind for your next party:

Display Your Cupcakes Proudly

A giant cupcake display looks even prettier when you mix flavors, colors, and sizes of your cupcakes.

DIY Cupcake Station

This “Decorate Your Own Cupcake” station was a super cute idea, and was clearly being used. Keep in mind: If your party has a lot of kids (or childlike adults), this station will get super messy and most people will focus on quantity of sprinkles over quality.

Gold Frosted Fruit

A piece of fruit sprayed gold with edible spray paint is an elegant way to top a cupcake. This would be fantastic for a wedding or fancier event!

Cotton Candy/Cupcake Collaboration

Spun skewered a mini cupcake on a fork and used that to spin the cotton candy onto. It was a super fun and creative element. A bit messy to eat, but still fun!

Decorate with Cupcakes

Cupcakes don’t just need to be used to feed the masses–they can also be used to decorate the party! Just find a fun container to put them in. (Tip: If it can hold a candle or an air plant, it can hold a mini cupcake!)

Have you done any creative cupcakeing at parties in the past? Let me know in the comments!

Game of Thrones Party

GoT Party Collage

Game of Thrones comes back on Sunday…are you prepared?  If you haven’t planned a viewing party yet, it’s not too late! Here are some tips on how to throw a quick and killer party to accompany the premiere of season three:

  • Visit your grocery store and pick up some nice breads, cheeses, salami, olives, and figs to put together a great plate of snacks. The more rustic looking, the better! You’ll eat as the characters do and the foods will perfectly complement a nice beer or wine. If you have the time and are feeling adventurous, you can make your own bread and salami with recipes from The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook!
  • Speaking of beer and wine, make sure you pick up Ommegang brewery’s Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the official Game of Thrones beer. The ale is limited edition, so pick up a few if you find it! I found my bottle at Cost Plus World Market.
  • House pint glasses, shot glasses, and coasters will be an excellent piece of decor or party favor! You can find all of the house sigils and more Game of Throne goodies from Things From Another World.
  • Remember the Game of Thrones Arms Creator I posted about yesterday? Set up a station where your friends can create their own arms and print it out. Hang them up with clothespins during the party, and let them take it home with them as a souvenir after the event’s over.

What will you be doing for the premiere?

Cabin in the Woods Party

Cabin in the Woods will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, and is already available for digital download. This film is one of my new all-time faves, so I knew I had to do something for the release. Check out the details on my “Cabin in the Woods Party” and get planning your own (or use the ideas for a killer Halloween party–pun intended!)


  • Guests should all arrive dressed as their favorite Horror Movie Stereotype
  • Invite people who haven’t seen the movie as well as those who have–the night is fun for both! Just make sure you tell people to avoid spoilers, and allow those who haven’t seen it to get closest to the tv.
  • S’mores Bar! Put together a selection of your favorite marshmallows, chocolates, and graham crackers (I also included chocolate chip cookies). For added fun, I put out peanut butter and Nutella as well. Guests can put together their own S’mores creations and then microwave them for a few seconds.
  • Popcorn and candy. You’re watching a movie, so make the guests feel like they’re at their own private theater (minus the $10 sodas).
  • Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. It’s delicious, available in large quantities at Costco, and perfect for the theme.
  • “Blood Sacrifice” Punch. I mixed one part Raspberry vodka, regular vodka and Pomegranate juice to two parts Sprite, and poured over frozen Strawberries. The drink was potent and had a great “bloody” look to it!
  • Because Halloween decorations are currently in stores, decor was a snap. Grab some fake cobwebs and go to town!
  • Many stores have bloody vinyl clings right now. These were used to decorate bathroom mirrors, the microwave, and the oven.
  • Fake wooden boards decorated the door as people entered, setting the tone of the party.
  • Candles added a fun ambiance–I used fake LED candles on the refreshment table to avoid burnt hands.
  • Mr. Geek made some excellent labels for the S’mores and punch. Label everything with your creepiest font.
  • Horror Movie Trivia Contest. Once the guests had arrived and settled in, we had a Horror Movie Trivia contest. (You can see the questions I asked here.) Winners had to choose a creepy prize from an assortment laid out on a table. Prizes included a blank mask, creepy picture frame, locket, candle, black roses, fortune-telling playing cards, mysterious spheres, and a music-playing angel figurine with a missing arm that Mr. Geek insisted on getting. As we watched the movie later on, it was fun to see guests find their creepy prizes in the pivotal basement scene.
  • Costume Contest. Your friends are all dressed up, so let them show off their costumes! Our finalists included an Occult Bookstore owner, a Creepy/Singing little girl, a Shark, and a Chestburster. We ended up with a tie between the Shark and Chestburster, but an intense round of Rock, Paper, Scissors saw the Chestburster as the winner. The winner recieved a copy of the Cabin in the Woods Visual Companion.
  • Watch the movie! Allow everyone to grab one more round of food and drink and then find their seats. Turn the lights off and let the fun begin!
This party was the perfect way to get my friends in the mood for the Halloween season and to introduce a lot of them to one of my favorite films. I hope it will help inspire a party of yours!
Are you throwing a Cabin in the Woods party? Let me know in the comments! (Or let me know which horror film you think would make an excellent theme party!)