Infinity Scarf + Purse = Sholdit

In the winter, I live in scarves. I have them in every color, and often reach for one over a necklace to compliment an outfit. Combine that love with the fact that I have back problems from carrying around a giant purse full of things I don’t need on a daily basis, and I’d say the Sholdit was made for me.

The Sholdit is a scarf/shawl/wrap that is also a clutch. No matter how you wear it, you’ll have access to a large zippered pocket that will allow you to put things like your phone, keys, and lip gloss in it. I think this would come in handy for walks downtown, heading to the gym, or any other time you want to stay warm and keep your hands free.

The Sholdits range in price from $49-79 a piece and are available at

Smart and Fashionable: Book Scarf


It’s winter, and all I want is to cozy up with a scarf, some tea, and a good book. These scarves by storiarts are the perfect thing. They’re classy, stylish, and functional: each scarf features a page from an actual book, making them great to have on hand while you’re waiting for the bus or bored at work.

The books featured on the scarves change often, so keep checking back for your favorite!

Book Scarves, $42 at

Geek Fashion: Finds from ECCC

If you’re looking to expand your geek wardrobe, look no further than  your local con. In the past I’ve purchased t-shirts and aprons, but this year I focused on fun accessories. Lucky for you, you can pick up everything I got online! Take a look:

Tardis Scarf

I’ve been eyeing this scarf online for a while, and was thrilled to see it at the con! I bought it instantly. The scarf is long (almost 8 feet), and made from a t-shirt-style jersey knit, meaning it’s light, comfortable, and drapes well. The scarf’s available at Binary Winter’s Etsy shop as well as some sweet t-shirts and ties. You’ll love everything there!

Cupcake Socks

I couldn’t NOT get cupcake socks. has tons of adorable clothes and accessories, check them out!

Espionage Cosmetics

I had the pleasure of getting a demo of Espionage Cosmetics by the CEO/Artistic Director, Jaimie Cordero (seen above. Don’t you LOVE her hair?). After the demo, I purchased a few colors and have been wearing them ever since. This makeup is versatile, fun to use, and stays on for a long time. I love it! Be on the lookout for a full post on Espionage in the future.

Do you stock up on Geek Fashion/Beauty products at cons? What’s your favorite purchase?

Sleep With Your Food

Etsy seller B Fiber and Craft Emporium has created some AMAZING ways to incorporate your favorite food into your everyday life. Why eat a slice of pizza when you can sleep in one? Why enjoy a slice of bacon when you can wear it around your neck?

Take a look at some of my favorite items they offer:

Pizza Sleeping Bag

The pizza sleeping bag can be ordered with optional pillow toppings. Seriously. $250.

Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair with Butter Pillow

Starchy and comfortable! $150.

Waffle and Syrup Sheets

Have breakfast in bed every day! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Optional fruit pillows available. $150.

Bacon Scarf

The men (and pork-product loving ladies) will find me irresistible in this bacon scarf. $40.

Bravo to someone who finally allows me to play with my food. What food item would you like to see next? It comes as a surprise to no-one that I’m holding out for a cupcake beanbag chair.

Cozy Mario Pipe Scarf

…Weird title for an absolutely delightful product.

This homemade scarf would be the perfect thing to spread your geek cred on the cold, blustery days.

Heck, I’d wear it inside while playing Super Mario Bros. Just because I could.

Dear Etsy, if anyone on your site begins to sell these, please let me know. My Christmas shopping will be done.

(Source: BuzzFeed)