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An Academic Proposal

A physicist proposed to his physicist girlfriend with this fake academic paper. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here swooning. (In case you weren’t sure, she said “Yes” by checking the box on the form.) Read more over at Reddit.com.

A Geeky Home

Leave Your Mark – Thermochromic Furniture

  After a night of tabletop games, do you still want to feel your friends’ presence? Grab this thermochromic furniture. It’s painted black with a special type of paint that responds to heat to show the original color of the wood underneath. It’s cool, but I don’t know if I’d […]


Scientific Hangover Help

Showed your patriotism a bit too much yesterday and dealing with the consequences at work? Take a peek at this video. It’ll give you some suggestions for fixing today’s hangover and preventing more in the future. Plus, you’ll learn a bit! Now go drink a bunch of water.


Hero in the Air (A Geeky Love Song)

Let’s end this week with a breezy, geeky love song by HelloIamDanica. It just feels perfect after our chat on Geek Love earlier this week. Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, geeky activities, and love! (And if you’re in the Seattle area, check out the Science EXPO Day on […]

A Geeky Home

Diagram Towels

These tea towels from UncommonGoods will be a welcome addition to your kitchen or bar area. The design features diagrams of a projector and microscope in a style and pattern that will go with almost anything. It’s a fun change from cutesy, flowery towels, and makes a great host/hostess gift […]

Gift Ideas

Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, which means it’s prime time to get those gifts ordered, reservations made, and singing telegram booked. A lot of people ask me for valentines gift ideas that are a bit more unique and personal than your average bouquet of roses or box of chocolates, […]

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Adorkable Jewelry by Casstasstrophe

Casstasstrophe hand-cuts amazing necklaces and other jewelry in your favorite geek shapes. Whether you prefer science or science fiction, you’ll find something you recognize and love. I’m a big fan of the microscope and the BSG necklaces myself! Jewelry, $8-32 at Casstasstrophe’s Etsy Shop (Source: Amy_Geek.)