Winter Fashion: Tech Enabled Clothing


Sometimes in the winter you have to leave the comfort of your home.  You have to put down the video games, the book, and your favorite tv series to brave the wilderness that’s full of wind and snow and people. (shudder.)

But if you have tech enabled clothing, you can at least still use your phone or tablet or portable game system while out in public. And look just so-darn-cute while doing it.

My clothing includes:

  • Scottevest trench coat with 18 pockets for your phone, tablet, and a bajillion other things, as well as a Personal Area Network that allows you to guide wires and earphones through your jacket.
  • Touch capacitive gloves that allow you to use electronics while keeping your hands toasty. Mine were purchased last year at Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Earmuffs with headphones built in to keep you dancing and gaming while outside. Mine were a gift, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Black leggings and Cole Haan booties, because dressing up a little makes me feel better about leaving the house.

What’s your go-to winter outfit? Any other tech-enabled clothing I need to check out?

These photos were taken using the #HTCOne X+ as part of their #TroopOneX campaign. The phone was gifted to me by HTC for purposes of using and reviewing. All opinions (and goofy poses) are my own!

My Dad’s Headed to the Congo!


A while back, I mentioned that my parents won a contest by Scottevest to take the “trips of their lives.” They went to Italy for the honeymoon they never had, and today my Dad’s off to the second part: The Congo, where he’ll be exploring and taking photos of mines, orphanages, gorillas, and the landscape. It’s exciting and scary, and I’m just hoping he gets back in one piece. If you have some time to put some happy thoughts out there for him, please do!

Want to follow along on his journey? You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. He also has a blog at

What would be the trip of your life?


Experience Their Trip of a Life

As I had mentioned before, my parents entered (and won!) a “Trip of Their Lives” from Scottevest. Their prize is a two-parter: the first trip is to Italy for the honeymoon they never had, and the second part will be a photo-journalistic trip to Congo that my dad will be taking later this summer. My parents had never traveled out of the Americas, so this has been a HUGE deal for them.

Visit their site to see photos and video by my dad, blog entries by my mom, and to learn all about the Scottevest apparel they’re wearing. They’re gearing up for a Skype call with Scott himself this evening!

(And seriously–if you’ve never tried Scottevest, you’ve got to. My mom wears her Molly jacket everywhere, and I’m in love with my trench.)

Geek Fashion: Pocket Bra

You already know I’m obsessed with Scottevest and their clothing featuring billions of discreet pockets. It’s so nice to not have to carry a huge purse around! Now, some students at the  University of Washington (my alma mater!) are taking the pocket trend to the new level with a pocket bra, aptly named “JoeyBra.” This bra features thin, stretchy pockets along the side that will perfectly fit a phone or your key and ID/credit card. No longer will you have to rely on a friend to hold your things or hope that your cleavage will keep that credit card and lip balm held up in your dress.

JoeyBra has an already-successfully-funded Kickstarter page, where you can essentially pre-order a bra for a $30 donation, or get a variety of other rewards. If you are interested in pre-ordering a bra, I suggest you instead go straight to their site and pre-order there. It will still cost you $30, but JoeyBra will receive all of it, instead of Amazon and Kickstarter taking a cut.

The only concern so far is the lack of colors/prints (other than leopard print) and lack of sizes (they currently offer small, medium, and a not-so-large large). They’ve mentioned that the more money they receive from Kickstarter, the more sizes/options they’ll be able to offer in the future. Keep an eye out!

Will you be ordering a JoeyBra? Where do you usually keep your stuff when you go out?

Geek Fashion: POW Necklace

We all know geeks have some of the coolest outfits and accessories out there when we see them at cons, but we don’t often get to see them dressed up and styled in everyday life. On Tuesdays, I’ll show you how to rock those geek fashion and beauty trends while incorporating them with on-trend or girly outfits. This first look is from a shoot I did with the lovely Molly McIsaac–more photos from the shoot will be seen on an all new Geeky Hostess site, coming soon! (Along with these changes, keep an eye out for more original content and two posts a day! Eee!)

Although I normally keep my jewelry subtle, I couldn’t resist this necklace. I found it in Hot Topic over the holidays, but have since found many great versions on Etsy. The necklace is a great ice breaker or a way to incorporate your comic-loving side into an otherwise normal outfit. I paired it with some classic stripes and a hint of color to bring it into spring. Add some big black boots to this outfit to feel like a modern-day superhero, or pair it with a flouncy skirt and some red heels for a fun date night.

(Looking for a great red trench? Mine is the Scottevest Women’s Trench and I love it!)

Do you have a geeky statement necklace you wear often? Tell me about it in the comments!

Do you have your eye on any geeky accessories or upcoming fashion trends you don’t know how to wear? Leave me a comment or email me at, and you may see it in an upcoming post!

SCOTTEVEST Saves the Day!

You’ve heard me talk about SCOTTEVEST before. I love their coats, and love them even more since they made my dad a finalist in their “Trip of Your Life” contest (we should be hearing any day on the winner! Eee!) When Mr. Geek and I were on our honeymoon, we had our jackets with us, and boy did they come in handy. Let’s just say I’m not used to European luggage regulations.

You can check out all of the baggage-charge-saving gear at What would you put in your SCOTTEVEST jacket?

Give My Dad the Trip of his Life

Christmas time is all about giving. If I can help give my dad the trip of his life without spending any money, then I’m doing pretty well.

He entered Scottevest’s “Trip of a Lifetime” contest. This will mean he can finally go on that “National Geographic” style photo assignment he’s always wanted to do if he wins. Help him out by watching the video (and watch for a quick cameo by me!). If you like what you see, click “like” or leave a comment!

While you’re at it, let me know: What is your trip of a lifetime?

It’s Cyber Monday!

Tons of great online stores are having some awesome sales today. Check out the deals and buy a little something for yourself or someone off your gift list!

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SCOTTEVEST has 9 of its items on sale for 30% off.

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Know of another great deal? Leave it in the comments!