Friday Favorites: July 26

Friday Faves 7-26

This may be the post-SDCC Friday Favorites, but I’m going to try to keep some of my SDCC fave finds for other individual posts. So here are some of my fave things outside of San Diego!

Favorite Kickstarter: Broodhollow
If you haven’t read the web comic Broodhollow, what are you even doing here, just go there now and read it all. When you’re done, head on over to the Kickstarter page and buy yourself a book. It’s already been ridiculously successful and there’s till 18 days left. I’m thrilled to see so much support for this awesome comic!

Other Favorite Kickstarter: Forge of Honor
Plush swords, shields, and animals that help protect your child from monsters in their room and encourage the use of their imaginations. I’m in love. Am I too old to get this for myself? Visit their Kickstarter page.

 Favorite Makeup: Eyeko Eyeliner
I received Eyeko Eyeliner in a Birchbox a while back and absolutely loved it. It’s a liquid eyeliner that’s easy to use, doesn’t smudge, and lasts forever. I just ran out and tried a few other less expensive options, and wasn’t happy with anything. It’s worth the $16. You can find it at Sephora.

Favorite Tumblr: Disney Bound
As I’m prepping for a Vidcon/Disneyland trip with the Job Hunters cast/crew, I suggested we all “Disneybound” while we’re at the park. (Is that a verb? I’m gonna make it a verb.) Anyway, you dress up in outfits inspired by Disney characters. There will be a whole post on it later, but coming up with suggestions for everyone and finding the outfits has been so much fun! Check out the tumblr that started it all for inspiration.

What are some of your favorite things from the past week?

Geek Beauty: Jasmine Makeup at Sephora

Jasmine Makeup

You may have remembered my obsession over Sephora’s newest Disney makeup collection back in October when they released Cinderella’s set. Well, it was a good day when I saw a new set has come out–this time featuring Jasmine and the colors of the movie “Aladdin.” The palette’s colors are perfect for a sultry, summery look, and come with a blush and bronzer as well as 15 eyeshadows.  The best thing about these palettes are the fact that the colors can be so versatile. You can stick with just blues or just nudes if you don’t want to go so warm, or play up the heat with some of the browns and pinks.

I fell in love with the Cinderella palette and use it often. I see myself grabbing all of the princess collections as they come out. (And I still can’t wait to see what they do for Belle!)

The Jasmine Collection also includes an eyeliner kit, nail polish, perfumed body shimmer, a mirror and more, all sold individually at Prices range from $19-58.

Geek Beauty: Cinderella Makeup at Sephora

Sephora’s acting like your own personal fairy godmother with their new Cinderella-inspired makeup, the first in their new “Disney Reigning Beauties” collection. The eyeshadow palette, above, features 20 shades that are customized to match the original colors of the movie. The collection also features nail polish, lipstick, and a perfume. They even have a swanky (and steampunk-looking) compact mirror:

The collection is available online at and at Sephora stores starting on October 4th. Prices range from $19-175 (for a Swarovski-encrusted perfume bottle).

Will you be picking up the Cinderella makeup? Or are you holding out for a different princess? (I can’t wait to see what they do for Belle, and Ariel, and Jasmine…)

Geek Beauty: Scented Nail Polish

The past year or so, nail polish has taken over as my main beauty obsession. It’s cheap, easy to change, and gives you a chance to try a new color or fashion trend without buying a new outfit. My most recent love: scented nail polish. I used to have some back in junior high, but haven’t seen it around since. It makes my hands look and smell good, and helps me realize when I’m resting my face on my hands (which is a not-so-good habit of mine).

Here are some of my fave scented nail polishes:

Betsey Johnson Nail Colour

This polish is the perfect shade of bright pink and is scented with  Betsey Johnson’s “Too Too” perfume. You won’t even need to wear perfume of your own with this on!
$9.50 at

 Urban Outfitter’s Perfumed Nail Polish

I currently have the mint greenish color on my hands and it smells like bubblegum. I feel like a fashionable little kid holding bubblegum ice cream! The other scents are: cherry pie, vanilla shake, and raspberry lemonade. This collection is the perfect way to try new colors while constantly wanting to eat your hands.
$14 at (although I found my pack on sale for $4.99 at an Urban Outfitters store) also has a variety of scented nail polishes available–I  haven’t tried the ones listed, but you can’t go wrong with primary colors and candy scents!

Have you tried scented polish? What do you think?

Geek Beauty: Eyelashes ala Effie Trinket

In the above ad for China Glaze’s “Hunger Games” nail polish, Effie Trinket is shown sporting some PaperSelf Lashes. Her makeup and lashes would be right at home in the Capitol, where whiskers and body paint are normal beauty trends. But could they be worn around today?

I sported the smaller versions of the lashes around for a full day to see how noticeable it would be. To keep things fashionable and not too over the top, I kept the rest of my makeup subtle and paired it with a black dress and grayish sweater.

The lashes themselves were pretty easy to put on and stayed really well throughout the whole day. I lined my lids a bit heavier than usual and amped up the mascara to make the lashes feel more at home.

Throughout the day, I went shopping, attended an event, and attended a Job Hunters meeting. People didn’t seem to notice (or at least comment on) the lashes at first, especially if I was just walking past them quickly on the street. They seemed more surprised that I was wearing a short dress and heels in Seattle when it felt like winter out! When I had face-to-face interactions with store employees, they would often comment on the lashes, or do a double take. If you didn’t know what I was wearing, it apparently looked like I just had a mascara clump or something stuck to my eye. The rest of the day was pretty similar. I noticed people staring at my face a bit more intently when they spoke to me, most likely trying to figure out what was going on.

It was fun to wear the fake lashes, but it seemed as if I either needed to go bigger, or not wear them at all. If I were to wear them again, I would pair them with a standard pair of false eyelashes and wear my hair up to really play up the eyes. I can see these being a playful addition to a more formal outfit or fun night out, my only critique is that they weren’t quite the huge ice-breaker/attention-getter I thought they would be.

Would you wear these lashes? How would you style them?

If you want to try them out, You can get your own pair at Sephora, on sale for $9.

Have a fashion/beauty trend you want me to try? Let me know at!

Magnetic Nail Polish

When InStyle Magazine and Geekologie both talk about the same thing, you know it’s prime material for The Geeky Hostess. So I present to you:

Magnetic Nail Polish.

The polish is created by London line “nails inc.” and is available in the states through Sephora. You can purchase their chrome and purple colors for $16 each. Nail polish with magnets? I’m sold.

Magnetic Nail Polish, $16 at