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Star Wars Craft Book

If you look around your house and say, “This is nice, but I really need more Jabba the Hutt body pillows”, then I have the book for you. Bonnie Burton has created a Star Wars Craft Book that’s now available for pre-order. The book will be released on March 29th. […]

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Han Solo in Carbon-ice

Next time it’s your turn to entertain in your monthly Villain’s book club (seriously, can I start one of those?), make sure your lemonades are iced with Han Solo. In carbonite. These ice molds are available for pre-order for $8.99, and will be in-stock starting July 2011. They also have […]

Fun Food

Death Star Cookie Jar

Keep your cookies away from prying hands while rocking an awesomely formidable Death Star. Or go the extra step, and make cookie Star Wars characters to fill it with! $50 at Starwars.com. Source: The Awesomer

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Adorable Darth Vader

Well, that’s a phrase I never thought I’d write. You’ve probably seen this ad making the rounds: It’s a Super Bowl ad for Volkswagen that shows parents using their car’s new technology to grow their child’s imagination (and potentially scar the child for life, making him think he has The […]

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May the Force Be With Shoe

Going out on the town? Have a hot date? Looking for the perfect shoe to wear with that formal dress? BAM. Unfortunately, the shoe was featured on a Tumblr with no information. They may not be for sale, but it looks like with a cheap pair of shoes and some […]

Geek Etiquette

TMI: Star Wars Baby Announcement

Now, I am all for using video as a way to creatively announce milestones to friends and family. But baby announcements are tricky. A couple must find a way to happily announce their new addition without making people think about them actually creating the baby. This couple threw caution to […]