Inside the Oscar Envelope


The Oscars are tonight, and like any big event, every detail has been thought of, including the look of the outside AND inside of the famous Oscar envelopes. Only presenters have really gotten to see the inside of these envelopes until now!

I personally think they’re gorgeous and make a really fun keepsake for the winners at the end of the night. Just goes to show how important of a role stationary can play in an event!

Source: Marc Friedland Inc., Hat Tip: Business Insider

Decorate with Skulls

Skull Collection

D.L. & Co. has created an amazing line of skull products that you need for your home. Some are neon, some are metallic, and all are creepy, classy, and a little bit punk all at the same time. Get them for Halloween and keep them up all year round!

You can find the products at Amazon’s higher end shopping site “MyHabit” but you’ve got to move quick: A lot of my favorites (like a skull lantern and a Hemlock diffuser) have already sold out!

Which products are you loving, and how do you decorate with skulls in your house?

Geek Girl Pen Pals


One problem I have as a modern day geek is that I’ve amassed a fantastic collection of stationary and cards, yet I have no one to send them to. The only times I’ve sent mail in the last few years has been for annual holiday cards and wedding-related stationary. So I’m thrilled with what @darlingstewie and @frogmellaink have created: An opportunity for us geeky ladies to use the postal system while making friends in the process! Finally–an excuse to buy even more fun stationary and spoil someone with all kinds of cute little geeky surprises.

You can sign up for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club at But hurry–you need to get your name submitted by April 1st!


I can’t wait to see who I get!

Board Game Wedding Invites


I think something may be in the water… tons of lovely, geeky couples have gotten engaged over the last couple months. I get so excited when I see wedding plan updates on Facebook and Twitter! The most fun part of the wedding planning for me was finding ways to sneak little geeky elements into the wedding that wouldn’t upset or confuse the non-geeks. These invitations would have been a great way to do that. Show off your love of games in a bright, fun invitation that’s approachable to anyone. Perfect for game designers or game lovers, it’s even an easy theme to carry on into your wedding. Have the table centerpieces be different vintage board games, and incorporate some gaming into the wedding. For instance:

  • Tables have to roll a 20 on a D20 for the wedding couple to kiss
  • Play rounds of Trivial Pursuit to see which tables are excused to get their buffet dinner first
  • Have small “wedding bingo” cards instead of place cards. Have a “prize center” where they can redeem their bingo card for a small souvenir of the wedding

Board games not your thing? Still make sure you check out OneLittleM, her invites are all amazing.

Congrats to all of the newly engaged couples out there! If you have any wedding planning or etiquette questions you’d like me to address, contact me!


Geek Etiquette: Send a Letter!

Do you remember the last time you got a card or letter from a friend out of the blue? I can barely remember the last time I got a piece of physical mail that wasn’t junk. But those rare days that I see a hand-written envelope in my mailbox from a friend, I get so excited. It’s a delightful surprise that makes the recipient’s day!

This week’s Geek Etiquette post is just a simple challenge: Send someone something in the mail. Dig out your favorite stationary set or cards, find a stamp, and let someone know you’re thinking of them. It’ll cost you about 50 cents and a few minutes of your time, and will mean so much to them.

Need new cards? I’d recommend this set from Sad Shop on Looking for someone to write to? Let’s be pen pals.

Googly-Eyed Stationary

Let’s be honest here: Googly Eyes make everything better. Some ladies in the geek community have even started “vandaleyes”ing various objects in public with googly eyes. This stationary set will assure that the card is greeted with a huge smile. The set comes with 12 cards of various sweets (including cupcakes, cotton candy, ice cream, and lollipops) and 24 googly eyes to affix where you so choose.

Eye Candy Notecard set, $9.95 at

Woot Prints available on Posters/Cards

This week, launched “Looks Good on Paper,” a temporary shop featuring some popular shirt.woot designs on posters and cards. Because, let’s face it, sometimes the design is amazing, but it’s just not something I’d want to wear on a shirt. I’m a fan of the Cupcakeosaur and Hang In There card sets myself, both $6 for a pack of 10.

“Looks Good on Paper” will supposedly only run until April 1st, but I’m guessing enough attention/sales will keep it around longer.

Contest: Paper Culture Cards

While at BlogHer, I had the pleasure of meeting representatives from Paper Culture. Paper Culture is an online card company that makes extremely cute, eco-friendly cards. These are very customizable, and may be the perfect way to show your personality through your stationary, thank you cards, or holiday cards. I personally love their holiday cards: They’re a flat matte card on great cardstock–the fact they’re flat means it’s even easier for relatives to hang up the pic on their fridge.

Now to the contest! Win $50 to Paper Culture! Just take a look at and then leave a comment here letting me know what you would do with your $50. Will you be creating some sweet stationary, adding your zombie photo to a christmas card, or putting together a cute baby announcement?

I will randomly pick a winner next Monday, August 29th! Good luck to you all!

Full Disclosure: I was given the $50 gift code as well as samples of the cards by Paper Culture at BlogHer.


I used to pick a winner, and the randomly selected number was 2. Congratulations Meghan! Email me at tara at geekyhostess dot com and I’ll get you your $50 gift code!