My Fave Doctor Who Shirt (And You Can Win One Too!)


Jordandene recently sent me this tank top, and I’m in love. It’s technically a Doctor Who shirt, but with the subtlety of the colors and a great quote (“We’re All Stories in the End”), it can pass as a “non-geek” shirt, which allows me to wear it in more situations. It’s a unisex-style shirt that can run a bit baggy, so I like it tucked in all slouchy-like.

I took the shirt to the Seattle Public Library and randomly came across an entire aisle of books with a very fitting name. Can you tell what it is?


WIN your own “We’re All Stories in the End” tank top as well as a TARDIS half apron by entering in the Rafflecopter below! Don’t want to take your chances, or have your eyes on another one of Jordandene‘s lovely items? Treat yo self with 20% off your order. Just use code “geekyhostess14”. 

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What’s your fave Doctor Who quote?

My Kickstarter: Geeky Sprinkles!


I’m here today with exciting, scary, nervous-making news: I’ve launched a Kickstarter! The Kickstarter is for a Geeky Sprinkle line. I’m starting with steampunk shapes, lightning bolt shapes, and blue police box shapes. So all you steampunk, comic, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who fans, rejoice: You will finally have pretty sprinkles to put on your cupcakes or ice cream sundaes.

Basically, I’ve been wanting more fun, geeky sprinkles for a while and about a year ago I started researching options of having them made. I found the best of the best of the best people to make it happen, and I’m so excited to start making these sprinkles a reality. I hope to bring a bit more fun into kitchens and bakeries around the world in a different way than my blog already does.

If you’re as excited about the sprinkles as I am, please pledge to the Kickstarter! If you know someone else who would like these sprinkles, please share the project with them! I need your help to make this a reality.

And if nothing else, just check out the video on the Kickstarter page. The folks at Cinesaurus did a fantastic job making a ridiculous, fun video for me and I’m excited to share it.

Yay! Go! Kickstart!

Geeky and Gorgeous Convertible Dresses

Wonder Woman Dress

If you don’t own a convertible dress yet (and you’re the dress-wearing-type) you should get one immediately. They’re comfortable, versatile, travel well, and fit/flatter everyone. Little Petal NYC has now given you one more reason to own one: They’re available in colors and designs based on your favorite geeky character or franchise. They’re all SO cute. I can’t choose a favorite with choices like Wonder Woman, Batman, and TARDIS.

The dresses range in price from $150 to $200 and are custom made with your color choice. See them all at Little Petal NYC’s Etsy page.

Which is your fave? Do you own a convertible dress? What’s your favorite way to wear it?

Bake with Doctor Who

The other day, Kristen Hackett from On Wednesdays We Wear Pink introduced me to Dalek Cupcake toppers. I had a bit of a freak out moment. Why aren’t these in my life, and how quickly can I get them? Who makes these? Do they make other things? Why is it only available on Amazon UK?

I did some sleuthing, and came across the company that makes them. Guess what: They’ve made a full set of amazing Doctor Who baking and party supplies. Be still my beating heart. Unfortunately for me, the company is based in the UK, and shipping to the US starts at around $40. I may have to love these all from afar for the moment, but hopefully some of you are able to get them!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection:

TARDIS Cupcake Kit

TARDIS Cupcake Kit Two different patterns of cupcake wrappers, 4 different types of toppers, and it call comes packaged in a mini TARDIS? Yep. Need it. £9.99.

Dalek Cake Stand

Dalek Cake Stand This cake stand would make the coolest centerpiece for a Doctor Who party, or a great way to display cupcakes for a Whovian’s birthday. £7.99.

TARDIS Chocolate Mold

TARDIS Chocolate Mold This chocolate mold features 6 different Doctor Who designs. These would make super cute gifts or party favors! £4.99.

Doctor Who Dusting Set

Doctor Who Dusting Set This set allows you to dust powdered sugar, cocoa, or other fun ingredients over cupcakes, cakes, the foam on your coffee, and whatever else we can think of. This is super classy looking! £3.49.

Dalek Cake Mold

Dalek Cake EXTERMINATE the cupcakes and go for one large cake with this fantastic Dalek Cake Mold. I mean, just look at it! £16.99.

See the entire Doctor Who collection from Lakeland at

Which of these Doctor Who items are you wishing will appear in your kitchen?

Turn Your Door into the TARDIS


I’ve always wanted to paint my door a vibrant color, and since I started watching Doctor Who, the color of choice has become TARDIS blue. However,  I currently live in an apartment and painting my door would be frowned upon and more work than it would be worth. So in the meantime, I can get this decal from ThinkGeek. The door cling is made from PVC and can be easily removed or reapplied. It comes as one large sheet, and you cut holes as you need it for door handles/peep holes/etc. This means a bit more initial work for you, but a nicer, more custom fit for your door.

It’s sure to be a conversation starter. Stick it on a closet door and hope that it turns it bigger on the inside, or stick it on your main door to turn everyday you leave your home into an adventure. Who knows where you might end up this time!

Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cling, $59.99 at

(Bonus: Think Geek currently has a “Buy One, Get One for 50%” deal going on for their whole site. Just use promo code “TRIBBLEMATH” until 11:59pm ET 9/12/13.)

Closet Cosplay with thredUP: The TARDIS from Doctor Who


When I first saw this blue tank top on thredUP, I instantly thought “TARDIS.” When it arrived, I needed to give a bit more thought to what to wear it with. What does the TARDIS inspire me to look like? I came up with this.

The TARDIS is a sexy thing: The top itself is pretty sexy. Low-cut, flowy, and a nice bright color.

The TARDIS knows when to blend in and when to stand out (and it loves standing out):  A blazer and jeans is Seattle’s unofficial uniform. You could walk into any office building or public location in a blazer and jeans and probably feel at home. It also helps tone down the brightness of the top. (Most Seattlites’ wardrobes are made up of blacks and grays.) To stand out, just take off the blazer.

I accessorized with the key necklace and the TARDIS earrings, for obvious reasons. I also added some glitter to my eyes because everyone needs an excuse to wear glitter (and claiming they’re stars in space is enough of a reason for me).

Necklace: Skeleton key purchased at the Fremont Flea Market.

Earrings: TARDIS earrings purchased at SDCC, also available on

Top: Express Silk Sleeveless Top from thredUP.

What would your TARDIS-inspired outfit look like?

Check out thredUP and get 25% off your first purchase! Use code GEEKYHOSTESS25 by the end of August. 

(This is part 3 in a week-long series of closet cosplay from thredUP. Stay tuned for more!)



It’s the first full day of SDCC, so I broke out the big guns: The TARDIS dress. It keeps me cool in the expo hall and the shorts I wear underneath mean I don’t need to worry about the dress riding up! Thanks to my roommate Rachael for taking the pics before a panel began!

TARDIS Dress: Black Milk
Bow earrings (I hear bow ties are cool now): Hello Kitty (they’re made of the same stuff as mood rings!)
TARDIS Necklace: Clockwork Couture Kickstarter incentive



Home Decor Inspired by Doctor Who

Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) was my favorite of the season so far. As the title would indicate, we got to explore a bit more of the inside of the TARDIS, and included in that is a grand library with a few fun items. I personally would love to incorporate the feel of that library and these items into my own home decor!

Encylopedia GallifryGallifreyan encylopedias house verbal stories and facts in bottles, and they look amazing on a shelf. This forum is currently discussing the bottles and where to get them to make your own encyclopedia. If you don’t care if it’s the same bottle, then just get enough of the same bottle to fill your shelf, print out your own labels, and stick them on with some spray adhesive or rubber cement. You can go above and beyond by sticking a small recording device in the top of some of the bottles: when you remove the top and press “play” your own recorded history can begin spouting out, just with less purple smoke.

Doctor Who - Series 7B

I fell in love with this grand book and book stand when I saw it. Although we can’t purchase the book (yet–give it time, I’m sure it’ll be made), we can take the idea of putting our books on display and run with it. Find an old book that means something to you, and find an area of your house where you can display it prominently on a stand. Can’t find a giant gold book stand like the one in the episode? Look for cookbook holders. They’re often intricate, pretty, fairly inexpensive, and just take up a bit of room on a countertop. I have an antique one I bought a few years back, but has some antique-looking ones available for under $30 each. I recommend this one and this one.

Really want the look of the Time War book? Etch the shape and designs into clay, bake it, then adhere it to a fake leather-bound journal. Voila!

What elements of Doctor Who and the TARDIS would you incorporate into your home?