The Geeky Hostess is on Tumblr!


So, I finally did it. I started using my Tumblr account. I’m scared and excited. I have no idea what I’m doing.

You can find me here:

The tumblr account is going to be similar to my Twitter account: my personal account under the Geeky Hostess name. Which means you’ll find lots of geekery and parties and cupcakes and geek fashion, but you’ll also find random nonsense that made me want to click on the arrow button thing which I believe is reblog. I’m learning, guys.

Are you on Tumblr? Any accounts I need to follow? Any tips for me? I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me and my Tumblr account as I learn more about it!

Using Tech to Plan Your Parties

party android

I was recently invited to be a part of the “Intel Tablet Crew” and in the process was given a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to play with. I’ve had an iPad in the past, but since I’m Android all the way, I was thrilled to start playing around with a tablet that actually plays nice with my phone. It synced in all of the apps I was already using and everything!

In order to get used to the tablet, I’ve been downloading a ton of apps and I’ve been trying to find ways I can use it on a daily basis to make my life easier. So naturally, the first thing I look for is party apps. These apps all make the party planning process easier and makes the party better overall. Check them out!

Party Inspiration: Pinterest

Ok, if you use Pinterest, you probably already use it on your computer or phone. But when you’re looking for party ideas–whether it’s themes, decor, invitation ideas, recipes, anything: Pinterest is the place to go. And it’s SO pretty on a tablet! It takes up the whole screen so it’s just you and Pinterest, forever. (Use with caution, or else you’ll go crazy trying to create the most beautiful mason jar dessert table next to a couch in a field of wild flowers.)

Recipes: BigOven

This recipe site has a special “Party Time” category with a lot of fun party food ideas. In addition, you can create and store your own recipes (even scan them in), see friends’ recipes, write private notes on recipes so you can remember your changes, create a grocery list, create menus, and more. One non-party thing I love: You can put in three ingredients you have at home already and it will show you recipes that use those.

Drinks: Mixology

Mixology is a drink recipe app (and even does a cool party trick where you can shake the tablet for a random drink), but my favorite thing about it is the “Liquor Cabinet.” Check off the types of liquor you have, and it will show you the drinks you can make. I recommend checking off the liquor you’ll have available at the party before it begins, and then leave the tablet on the bar open to the page of available recipes. People can mix what they want using the items you’ve chosen to have!

Music: Pandora and Party Mixer

Pandora is my go-to music player. Whether I’m at work, exercising, or hosting a party, it’s up on my computer, phone, or tablet. I love that I can tell it an artist or find an existing mood playlist that will suit the mood of the party. (I even use it for game nights to fit the mood of the board game!) If you own a lot of music of your own and want to get a bit more creative, get Party Mixer. It allows you to play DJ for the night–fading between two songs, changing tempo and pitch to make them work for mashups. All you need is your tablet!

Party Game: 4 Player Reactor

4 Player Reactor is a great game to bring out when you’re hanging out with a group of friends wanting to kill a bit of time, or people have been drinking. The game just encourage people to touch the tablet (or phone) quickly. There are a variety of mini games that test timing, geography knowledge, math, and more. You can get the 2 Player Reactor for free, but the more friends involved, the better!

What are your favorite apps for your tablet? Anything I missed? (I’d love to hear about other fun party games made for tablets!)

Friday Favorites: November 1

Friday Faves Nov 1

Happy November! This past week has involved parties, a wedding, my birthday, Halloween, and prepping for Extra Life. All I want to do is sleep and instead I’m prepping to stay awake for 25 hours! Hey, it’s for the kids. These are the things I’m loving from the past week:

Favorite Kickstarter #1: Heroes and Inspirations Jewelry Line
Optimystical Studios (the amazing geeky jewelry found at conventions and my booth neighbors at Geek Girl Con) are launching a new jewelry line that features renditions of lady scientists by lady artists on dog tags. They’re beautiful and the campaign is thisclose to succeeding! Check out all of the different types of jewelry they have available here.

Favorite Kickstarter #2: BatteryBot
The makers of MimoBot have created a rechargeable battery for devices like phones and tablets. The super cute creatures can help you out whenever you’re stuck with a dead phone, and you can help make them a reality! Pledge here–there are some early bird discounts for those who pledge!

Favorite Exhibit: Modernist Cuisine
The Pacific Science Center has a really cool exhibit up now until February, and I can’t wait to go check it out. You will see the “science of food” through close up and fantastic photos, many of which include preparation and cooking of food and detail into how it happens. Food, science, and photography? This sounds too good to miss! Find out more here.

Favorite Event: Extra Life
Extra Life is tomorrow! I’ll be making video game-themed food and participating with Team Hypercube. You can see our full schedule here. Tune in to see what we’re up to, and make a pledge if you can! The money goes towards the Seattle Children’s Hospital!

What have you discovered this week? Will you be tuning into the Extra Life livestream tomorrow?

Library Looks from Kate Spade

Kate Spade, one of my favorite designers, just released a new collection to obsess over. This time, their inspiration came from the library. I’m in love. Check out some of my new faves below!

Required Reading Bon Shopper

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.26.34 PM

A large totebag with a card catalog print is begging to be stuffed full of books. $228.

Required Reading Index Organizer

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.27.01 PM

This tiny purse/organizer has a patent finish that’s supposed to look like mahogany. It even has an organizer pop out when you open it. So cute! $298.

Library Card iPhone 5 Case

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.27.46 PM

This is just too cute. So perfect for a teacher, librarian, or anyone going back to school. $40.

Dictionary iPad Folio

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.27.55 PM

You’ll look so smart, people won’t even realize you only use your iPad to play game. $125.

Library Illustration Scarf

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.27.29 PM

I love that this scarf looks cozy but not too heavy, and it’s also bright. It could be worn year-round! $128.

Fremont Top

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.27.14 PM

Glasses. Glasses all over your shirt. Your shirt will be able to read SO well. $258.

Boys Make Passes at Girls in Glasses Bangle

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.28.06 PM

…Because we all know it’s true. Guys dig the smart chicks! (Or at least the ones worth your time.) $88.

By the Book Pendant

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.28.18 PM

A long, brightly colored locket that happens to be in the shape of a book? Yep. Want it. $78.

Which pieces are you loving?

Frends Headphone Review (Courtesy of Best Buy Mobile Store)


When it comes to headphones, I’ve often run into the same problem. They’re too big. Ridiculously big. Mr. Geek calls it “adorable,” I call it a nuisance. The tightest option is still too big for my head, and my ears swim inside of the headphones’ ear pieces. When I heard about Frends’ new Taylor headphones (made for women), I was hopeful and a bit skeptical. “Really, we need our own headphones? And is it just about the looks, or do they actually work well?” Well, smaller headed women, rejoice. These headphones fit SO much more comfortably than the Tritons I’m wearing in the first pic. The metal and leather of the headphones are comfortable and fashionable, my ears fit where they’re supposed to, and the sound quality is fantastic. You can also apparently hook it up to an iPod or iPhone and use the headphones’ controls to make phone calls, adjust volume, and switch between songs. And if girly concerns matter to you, the headphones claim to be made to eliminate hair snags and be comfortable to wear with earrings. So far, no complaints from me!

Best Buy was lovely enough to send a set of the headphones to my local Best Buy Mobile Store, and if you haven’t been in to one, you should check them out. They’ve got all the phones and phone accessories you could want, and a knowledgeable sales team that doesn’t work on commission. While I was in there, I asked one guy to take a look at my phone (an unlocked HTC OneX+ for AT&T that I’m using on my T-Mobile account) and he was able to fix it and offer some great app suggestions in minutes.

If you’ve got a tiny head like mine and you want cute headphones that work AND fit you as headphones should, check out Frends. You can find them at And for the next few days, you can get them for 10% off by printing out this coupon!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Next Issue: Magazine Reading for the Future


I love magazines. Whether it’s food, fitness, science, fashion, I can’t get enough of the glossy pages. I feel more relaxed when reading a magazine–I’m not as committed as when I read a book, so I can flip through it while watching tv or doing something else. However, I’ve felt guilty about getting magazines the last few years because I can get a lot of the same information online without worrying about clutter or wasting paper.

image (1)

Enter: Next Issue. For a small monthly fee, you can get TONS of magazines (and their back issues!) downloaded straight to your iPad. I had the pleasure of trying the app out during my SDCC trip (my weakness for magazines usually means I pick one up for a flight), and I love that I can go back and forth between any of the 32 magazines that I currently have in my library. Plus, having the variety all on my iPad means I can flip through magazines I wouldn’t normally pick up on my own, like Brides and GQ, so I can stay on top of trends without spending money for those specific issues. And when I find sweet recipes I want to make later? I can just take a screencap and save it on my iPad. Basically, it’s amazing.

There are currently more than 90 titles available to look through, and you can get started with a 30 day free trial. (The subscription starts at just $9.99 a month after that.) Next time you’re going to go on a trip or have some doctors office visits ahead, download it and give it a try.

Get started at and let me know what magazine(s) you can’t live without!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Charge Your Phone With Your Bracelet

bracelet charger cable

I swear at least once a week I hear someone say “Does anyone have a phone charger with them?” The person asking is usually out of luck, and is stuck with a dead phone for the rest of the day. I’m excited to come to the rescue (or just rescue myself) next time with one of these snazzy phone charger bracelets. Available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, Android, or any micro USB device, the bracelet can detach to charge your device with any USB outlet.

Prices vary based on color, all on Amazon. Buy a few for friends (or for different outfits)!

Couch Cachet


Want to relax and hide away from everyone this weekend, but your friends keep wanting  you to go out? Tell them you’re busy, with the help of Couch Cachet.

By signing into foursquare, the app will check you in to cool parties, trips, and adventures that your friends aren’t at. They’ll think you’re having the time of your life, and you’ll finally be able to finish that book that’s been on your shelf forever. Win-win!

I don’t use foursquare myself because stalkers, but if you do, give this app a try and let me know what it’s like in the comments!

See more at

Giveaway: HTC One X+

Yes, that HTC One X+. As in, a brand new phone. Haven’t heard of it? Take a peek at some of its features:

HTC was generous enough to provide me with a phone to play around with, and holy cow. It’s so thin. And fast. And takes awesome photos. And HD video. And is great for browsing the web and playing games and listening to music and the battery life is CRAZY. With wifi on, that thing has lasted 5 days without needing to be recharged. You want this phone. And luckily, they’re also giving one to you!


A few details:
  • It’s an Android phone, which I love. I’ve been an Android girl for a while. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge over from an iPhone, I say do it. What’s the harm in trying a free phone you win?
  • The phone is for AT&T and doesn’t come with a service plan. So it’s going to be best if you’re already on AT&T or are about to switch providers.
  • The contest is open to US residents only. I know, I know. I don’t make the rules.
Now let’s get to the contest! Enter below using Rafflecopter. And good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Winter Fashion: Tech Enabled Clothing


Sometimes in the winter you have to leave the comfort of your home.  You have to put down the video games, the book, and your favorite tv series to brave the wilderness that’s full of wind and snow and people. (shudder.)

But if you have tech enabled clothing, you can at least still use your phone or tablet or portable game system while out in public. And look just so-darn-cute while doing it.

My clothing includes:

  • Scottevest trench coat with 18 pockets for your phone, tablet, and a bajillion other things, as well as a Personal Area Network that allows you to guide wires and earphones through your jacket.
  • Touch capacitive gloves that allow you to use electronics while keeping your hands toasty. Mine were purchased last year at Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Earmuffs with headphones built in to keep you dancing and gaming while outside. Mine were a gift, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.
  • Black leggings and Cole Haan booties, because dressing up a little makes me feel better about leaving the house.

What’s your go-to winter outfit? Any other tech-enabled clothing I need to check out?

These photos were taken using the #HTCOne X+ as part of their #TroopOneX campaign. The phone was gifted to me by HTC for purposes of using and reviewing. All opinions (and goofy poses) are my own!