Geeky Cupcake Toppers

I love to make and give cupcakes, but sometimes they’re just a bit too boring. These cupcake toppers will add a bit of fun to  your cake (and possibly double as a cool favor or piece of jewelry after the cupcake is gone!)

Star Wars Light Saber Cupcake Picks

You can’t get more epic than these. $3.85 for 12.

Harry Potter School Seals Rings

Host your own sorting hat ceremony–with cupcakes! $4.95 for 12.

Transformers Party Cupcake Rings

Transformer faces that are ALSO jeweled rings? I’m thinking these would be perfect for Ladies’ Night. $2.14 for 12.

Pizza Slice Cupcake Picks

These pizza picks would be great at a TMNT-themed party, or for a savory “Pizza cupcake”. Think mini lasagnas in a cupcake pan. Cowabunga! $3.60 for 12.

Twilight Family Crest Cupcake Picks

Whether it’s for a Twilight marathon or just your weekly Vampire and Werewolf gathering, these picks will bring a bit of class to your event. They get bonus points for not being sparkly or saying “Team Edward” on them. $3.05 for 12.

Casino Card Suit Wood Party Picks

These picks can be used for cupcakes or any other finger food at your next game night! $1.99 for 48.

Any inspiration for future cupcake-making? I’m personally excited to play around with the pizza toppers!

(Special thanks to Thomas for showing me the lightsaber picks and inspiring this post!)

Twilight Inspired Mushroom Ravioli

Twilight has inspired all kinds of products ranging from hair products to cookbooks, but today’s newest item may actually be pretty good.

Bella Italia, the restaurant where Bella and Edward have their first date, has made their mushroom ravioli available in stores and to order online. The restaurant served as inspiration for Stephanie Meyer while writing that scene, served as the location for the scene in the first movie, and is now a tourist destination for every Twilight fan. Restaurant owner Neil Conklin says “we’ve served more than 10,000 of these iconic pasta plates in the restaurant, and I wanted to make it available to everyone.”

The ravioli looks and sounds delicious, and is an easy way to add a bit of Twilight to your dinner, slumber party, or Twilight marathon.

Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli, $10.99 for a 20 ounce serving (minimum two) at

(Source: Crushable)

A Twilight Cookbook?

Unfortunately, this book has too few recipes for blood soup and human stew for my taste:
“Love At First Bite” is the official unofficial Twilight Recipe book. Want to relive all of the moments where Bella ate something, or the vampires pretended to eat something? Well, here you go!

Proper etiquette dicatates, however, that you warn your guests before serving them something from this book. Certain guys’ gag reflexes may not make it through a meal devoted to the book that’s been stealing their girlfriends and wives away.

8-Bit Twilight

Love it or hate it, the new Twilight film was released today (or at midnight last night, for those keeping score). Twilight’s a cultural phenomenon that many of us can’t escape. If you haven’t seen the movie/read the book yet, but need to keep up the conversation with your friends, check out this 8-bit interactive Twilight.

It’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” style, so if like me, you’d rather see Bella with a shirtless underage hottie than an emo vampire, you can make it happen. (Spoiler, it won’t end well for you.)

So spill the beans: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team I Hate Twilight?

Ticings: Printable Icing for Cupcakes!

Remember those “edible images” cakes you got from the grocery store? The ones that featured a picture of the birthday boy or girl, or maybe just their favorite cat? Well, get ready to re-live those moments, but in cupcake form.

Ticings are edible frosting sheets that may be used on cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and sheet cakes. Although I’m normally a fan of mounds of frosting on my cupcake, I could be persuaded to lay off for a cute design.

At the moment, Ticings only does custom designs for large orders, but with adorable options like dragon and sushi designs, I’m just fine ordering from their selection.

(And, you know, if you’re into this whole Twilight craze, they have something that would make the next midnight screening even sweeter.)