Geeky “Just Married” Car Clings

Just Married Car Cling

Getting married and want something that’s so “you” on your car as you drive off into the sunset? Tell your wedding party to put down the car chalk and toilet paper, and direct them towards Anthony Herrera Designs. He has wedding-themed window clings for every type of geek, whether you like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, or gaming. The best part? The clings are easy to put on and take off, and look really great.

I think these would be absolutely fabulous for a couple planning a road trip for their honeymoon, or anyone who wants to show off their love for their favorite fandom and their new partner at the same time!

You can check out all of the options on Etsy. Which one would you pick?

Adorable Fandom Wedding Invitations

Fandom Wedding Invites

If you’re planning a geeky or fandom-centric wedding, then you’ve gotta check out these printable invites. Paperling has created four new sets of invitations based on couples from some of your favorite movies and shows: Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. And the best part? For $45 you will receive a customized template with your invitation, save the date, RSVP card, and Thank You card. That means you can go and print them on the paper you want for the cost you want. You can even choose between four fonts and if you’d rather have a colored or white background.

Fandom Invites 2

This seems like an adorable, fun, and cost effective way to get wedding invites, especially if you’re having a themed wedding around any of these fandoms!

Are you adding geeky elements to your wedding invitations?

George R. R. Martin: Wedding Planner?

We’ve all been thinking it. What would our wedding be like if it was in one of George R. R. Martin’s books? College Humor put together a great video that gives us an idea…

(NSFW: Language and some spoilers for the most recent episode)

One of my engaged friends posted this on her fiance’s Facebook wall. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to turn down my invitation if you end up going in this direction with your wedding.


Kristina and Tom showed that their love lasts over space and time by incorporating Doctor Who elements to their wedding–most importantly, this ridiculously cool TARDIS arch. It’s the perfect amount of geek while still feeling like a more traditional wedding.

Take a look at all the pics from their wedding (including the beautiful TARDIS blue bridesmaid dresses and shoes, and the bowties and sonic screwdrivers for the guys) at

On Geek Love

As I look back on this, my and Mr. Geek’s one-year wedding anniversary, I realize how much of what I am now is because of him. Before I met him (now almost 8 years ago), I had never played Dungeons and Dragons. I thought Apples to Apples was the pinnacle of board games. I had missed out on tons of awesomely geeky movies and tv shows. Mr. Geek showed me that these activities didn’t have a stigma, wouldn’t go over my head, and weren’t for boys only. I was a geek before I met him, but he turned me into the one I am today. His love and support has made me a better person, introduced me to tons of awesome things, and made my life ridiculously awesome on a regular basis.

My mom told me when I was very young to “marry a nerd.” She knew that they were often more romantic, interesting, and smart than the non-nerdy variety. I learned that marrying, dating, or befriending nerds results in them bringing out some nerd/geek in you. We geeks have such passion for our interests, it’s only natural we share. Whether or not our friends and loved ones take on our same interests doesn’t matter, we show them that it’s ok to be passionate and excited about things you love. It’s ok to try new things. And it’s ok to wait until midnight dressed up with your friends for the newest movie, book, game, or tickets for the things you love.

Geeks understand passion, positivity, and the idea that sharing and learning on a daily basis is what will make this world so great. I hope you all have or find some geeks to share your passions with.

With that, I’ll share my wedding recap posts from last year.

Wedding Tips and Tricks

Wedding Geekspiration

Give a geek in your life a giant hug today! I’ll be playing board games and sipping champagne with mine.

Cinderella’s Glass Slippers IRL

Marc Jacobs made one of our childhood dreams come true: He created a pair of shoes reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slippers.

My only fear is that these would look like jellies when on. And/or that it would show your feet all scrunched up at the front, which would be less than appealing.

Still, these would be pretty awesome under a wedding dress for those who have always wanted to feel like a princess.

Transparent Pump, $595 at La Garconne.

Geek Etiquette: RSVPs

The Geeky Hostess is gonna help you get your manners on! Each Monday, we’ll focus on a topic of etiquette. We’ll take a look at the classic rules (using Emily Post as a guide), and then evaluate the rules for our daily lives, creating a guide to “Geek Etiquette.” Have an etiquette question or topic suggestion? Email!

(Photo by Christine Tremoulet, found on

You’re a popular person. Your friends are planning awesome things: interpretive performances, LOTR marathons, cupcake cook-offs, and steampunk weddings. They want you there. Have you RSVPed?

When asking people what etiquette faux pas bothers them the most, the 2nd most received answer (behind cell phone use) was those who don’t RSVP. Ever since Facebook has created the “maybe” option on their invite forms, people have stopped giving definite responses to invitations. We even had a handful of people that never RSVPed to our wedding (which I hear is becoming more common).

Take a look at what Emily Post has to say about RSVPing:

1. Take your cue from the invitation

If you received your invitation by e-mail, then an e-mailed response is acceptable.  If the invitation is to a wedding and includes an enclosed card, then send your response by mail.  You can judge the required response by the formality of the invitation itself.

2. Respond in a timely fashion

Generally it is best to reply as soon as possible.  For written invitations responses are made within several days of receiving the invitation.  For in-person or phoned invitations, you may provide your response when asked or await until you have checked your schedule. Simply let the person know that you will call as soon as possible.

3. Keep replies brief

There is no need to go into great detail if you must decline the invitation. Write a simple and polite note of regret.  If you feel like you must offer an explanation, be sure it is brief.

4. Reply even if you have a potential conflict

If you would like to accept an invitation to an informal or casual event but have a tentative conflict, contact the host or hostess to explain the problem. If the event is formal, however, your delay might inconvenience the host, so it’s best to decline the invitation.

5. When replies aren’t requested

If the invitation does not specifically request that you RSVP, then a response is not necessary. However, it is always polite to notify the host when you cannot attend.  A phone call will usually suffice, though you might send a personal note or an e-mail.

Did you get a Facebook invite? “Join” or “Decline” as soon as possible. Not sure if you can make it? You can click “Maybe”, but try to keep it there for only a day while you straighten out your schedule. Any longer than that, send the host an email or make a note on the event as to why you may not be able to show up.

DON’T “join” or say “maybe” if you know you can’t make it. Whether you’re being passive, trying to show others that you’ll be there, giving yourself an alibi, or showing your support from afar, it doesn’t matter. It gives the host a false number to work with. Wouldn’t you be upset if you made a bunch of zombie cupcakes, and no one showed up to eat them?

My challenge to you this week: Go through your Facebook events (or outstanding email invites and wedding invitations) and RSVP to ALL of them. Try not to put “maybe” for any of them!

Have you had difficulties getting people to RSVP? Any tips or tricks?

(Find out how Emily Post suggests you RSVP for different situations here.)

DC Comics Inspired Wedding

This couple drew inspiration from Superman and Harley Quinn for their wedding, but in some unexpected (and very classy) ways.

The men are obviously decked out in Superman-inspired gear including black robes created by the groom himself.

The wedding colors of red, white, and black invoke the Harley Quinn theme, while the bride rocks a stunner of a ring inspired by the villianess herself.  She says: “My dress was not geek inspired per-say, as I wanted a traditional look, however my colors for the wedding were based on Harley Queen (red and black) and my bouquet was red flowers with white bounce pearls to represent the pompoms of Harley’s collar and hat. My garter was superman colored with a small S logo on the bow. My engagement ring itself is based on the Harley Quinn diamond pattern, red rubies for the main diamonds and black diamonds around the edge.”

This shows that you can incorporate your passions into a wedding easily, and still have an event that won’t frighten the grandparents. Well done, Jessica and Jonathan!

(I seriously thought this pic was a rendition of them as action figures. They just look too perfect!)

See more photos over at

Super Mario Wedding Invites

These invites are one of the cutest, most original geek invitations I’ve seen. Larry T Quach created them for his friends’ wedding, and was awesome enough to blog about them.

He also made great favors for all of the guests, complete with a thank you card, meal card, and gold coins inside:

You can check out his blog post to see more pictures and hear about the process! Amazing.

If you could have wedding invites based on any game, what would you pick?