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Wedding Geekspiration

While planning my wedding, I scoured every wedding blog and site possible for inspiration. Now that I’m done, I hope to give back a bit for those who are now in the midst of planning theirs. So, here are some of the geeky or personal touches we had at our […]


Flash Mob Wedding

Now hear’s an idea to cut down on costs, show a bit of personality, and be able to invite EVERYONE you want… Get married at a mall! (Wedding reveal at 2:45) The idea seemed a bit silly at first, but seeing the beautiful vows and the emotions of the bride […]


Zombie Wedding

As I go through the arduous task of wedding planning, I see a little bit of everything. Classic, creative, quirky… But this one takes the cake. I’m all for uniqueness (and I LOVE zombies), but I don’t think I have the balls to do this for my wedding. The couple […]