You’ve survived October! Time to put away the costume and candy and bring out the laptop and a cozy cup of tea. Today is the start of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, now is the time to do it. They encourage you to write a bit every day, and before you know it, you may have a novel! Sign up at¬†and you can support each other (and see how many words you’ve written) throughout the month.

Need some encouragement to get you through it? Check out this sweet music video Kristina Horner did last year (with a cameo by me!):

I unfortunately won’t be participating this year–I’m in the middle of a few awesome Geeky Hostess-related projects. But I know many of you will be! Leave a comment if you’re participating, you may just find someone awesome to help support you.

A Muse in Your iPhone

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of writing a story or a play, putting together your photography portfolio, creating a D&D campaign, or even writing a blog post, and the inspiration stops. BAM: You’ve been writer-blocked. Luckily, inspiration can be just a couple taps away on your iPhone or iPad with the Muse apps by Rasmus Rasmussen. I had the pleasure of trying out his apps over the past couple days, and I’m in love. Each app gives you suggestions that are randomly generated and put together, allowing you to continue writing with a new prompt, character, or setting in mind. The apps themselves are very simple but effective. Check out all three below and see how you can win one yourself!


WriMuse offers a variety of prompts (as seen in the main menu screen at the top of this post), including prompts to add to an existing story, create a new story, or even create a blog post or essay. One of my favorites is the photo prompt, where it randomly generates a photo and a title for you to write a story or scene about. One random prompt I just received was a picture of a burger with the title “Blood Conundrum”. Yep.
$1.99 in the App Store.


FantasyMuse is perfect for all the Game Masters out there who have been stuck on creating an NPC or faction for their players to run into. This randonly generates either a character, faction, or quest to keep your game going. Once you find something you like, you can save it as a favorite (to use at a later date), email it out, or copy it to a clipboard. It could be fun to randomly generate each person’s character and then email it to them before the start of the game!
$1.99 in the App Store.


PixMuse is very simple but could give you a great idea for a future photo shoot. It gives you a theme, subject, and mood based on common images used in stock photography. Some of these might be a bit tougher to go out and do than just writing (for instance, do you have access to an elderly couple, or three models of different ethnicities or generations?), but they may help spark a different idea. Like FantasyMuse, your favorite ideas can be emailed or copied to your clipboard.
$0.99 in the App Store.

Want to give the apps a try? Just leave me a comment with which app you want the most, and I’ll randomly pick three winners (one for each app)at noon on Wednesday, February 8th. Winners will be announced and notified that afternoon! Good luck!

EDIT: Congratulations to Veronica for winning the Wri-Muse app and Anna-Marie for winning the FantasyMuse app! An email will be sent to you with the code. Know a photographer looking for inspiration? The Photography app is still up for grabs! First photographer to comment will get it.

I was provided with review copies of the apps as well as copies to give away in exchange for this review. All thoughts expressed in this review are mine alone. Are you interested in a review or giveaway for your product? Contact me at

Be a Smart Girl at the Party

We’ve all been there. There’s a party tonight, and you know you’re supposed to put on a frilly outfit and giggle with your girlfriends, but you’re in the middle of writing that great story, finishing that game, or developing the ultimate cupcake recipe.

Now there’s a web series that celebrates those girls–the smart ones. We might show up a bit late to the frilly party, but when we get there we’ll have some interesting stories to tell (and an amazing dance party at the end of our story!) Smart Girls at the Party, a Webby-winning series, interviews young women who are doing different but extraordinary things with their lives, and celebrates the fact that girls can be smart and pursue different passions.

Take a look at this episode with Cameron, a 10 year old girl with a passion for writing supernatural stories.

I wish I had a show like this when I was their age!

Know a young woman that would be perfect for the show? Enter her in the casting call for season 2!