The Top “Sexy” Costumes for 2013

I’m at it again! With the help of, I’m showcasing my favorite ridiculous-yet-sexy Halloween costumes of the year, and YOU will pick one I have to wear. I’ll pick the winning costume on October 1st and will do a photo shoot with it. It shall be glorious. So take a look at some of the newest “sexy” costumes and let me know your thoughts!

As Seen on TV
Ruining your childhood, one sexy costume at a time…


“Thundercats, HO!” Get used to that. You’ll be hearing it wherever you go in this costume.


This appears to be a crime scene costume more than a “CSI” costume, unless they’re suggesting you go as the whole show? Either way, I’ll be making terrible puns and one-liners ALL night.

Supreme Beauty

Lil’ Miss Supreme Beauty
Because nothing says “sexy” like a little girl with tons of makeup on.


Marge Simpson
Marge is ready for a night out on the town in this “glitzy” version of her signature outfit.

Pink Ranger

Power Rangers – Pink Ranger

This costume kind of feels like a combo of the Pink Ranger and Baby Spice, so I guess I could just go as my childhood?

On The Big Screen
No 3D glasses needed.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett
I actually really like this style of costume. I would potentially re-wear the dress for conventions, and the knit cap and knee socks could be worn again on normal days. The costume is also available as a stormtrooper and as Darth Vader.

Ghost Face

Ghost Face (AKA the killer from Scream)
I guess they had to make a porn version of Scream sometime, eh? I love that the mask is on a pretty masquerade stick so you don’t have to wear it around all night.


Single? Dressing up as a ghostbuster may be one of the easiest ways to give out your number to dozens of people. Just don’t cross the streams and try not to get slime on your dress.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern
You may not be the greatest superhero, but you’ve got a nice ring. (Also a great body coughRyanReynoldscough.)

Sassy Sully

Sassy Sulley
This wins the “Really? Someone decided this costume was a good idea?” award for the year. If you desperately want to be a “Sassy Sulley” to complete your friends’ Monsters Inc. group costume this year, this costume is for you.


2013 is the last year you can wear this version of the RoboCop costume–once the movie comes out in 2014, everyone will be wanting a black version. And it would be SO embarrassing if your sexy RoboCop costume wasn’t the newest color. TOTAL Halloween faux-pas.

Video Games
Go ahead, ruin the childhood memories of your favorite gamers.


Sonic The Hedgehog
This officially licensed costume is actually pretty cute, even if it would probably ruin Mr. Geek’s childhood for him.


Loving this trend of girls wearing the faces of the characters they’re portraying on their heads like some sort of deranged killer/cannibal.

Not all Disney characters are G-rated…

Peter Pan

Peter Pan
You may not be allowed to be within 1,000 feet of a school while wearing this outfit, but you’ll look super cute anyway! (And seriously? Why did Disney license a costume for a grown woman that say “I <3 Lost Boys” on it?)

Seductive Sorceress

Seductive Sorceress
You know, even Maleficent needs a night off and a chance to put on a little dress and go out on the town. Can you blame her? It’s gotta be draining to be evil all the time.

Mythological Beasts
Perhaps it’s best if these creatures don’t really exist…

Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon
Apparently this is a dragon. And also apparently baggy leg warmers is now a trend in “sexy” outfits?

Magical Unicorn

Magical Unicorn
The link for this says you’ll be “hot, hoofed, and horny” and that’s way more explicit than anything I’d write. Enjoy.

You’re a Grand Old Flag

God Bless America…

Flag Dress

USA Flag
This seems like one of those awkward costumes a small-town pageant would make its contestants wear on a float. And that makes me love it even more. If I get this, you can bet the Constitution that I’ll be re-wearing it on the 4th of July.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Any of these strike your fancy? You can check out all of BuyCostumes’ sexy Halloween costumes and new Halloween costumes for 2013 at And don’t forget to vote on your favorite “sexy” costume in the comments below. Remember: The one with the most votes is the one I have to do a photo shoot with! Oh boy.


  1. Okay. My votes are definitely for Magic Dragon and American Flag. MAGIC DRAGON THOUGH.

  2. Sassy Sully, obviously. (Though Magic Unicorn wins the “worst picture” award.)

  3. My votes: either Cheetarah or Marge Simpson.

    I’ll be a female Daryl Dixon for Halloween. I wonder how many people will actually know my costume.

  4. Magic Dragon 🙂

  5. I wanna see you in that flag.

  6. pink ranger or boba fett

  7. “Single? Dressing up as a ghostbuster may be one of the easiest ways to give out your number to dozens of people. Just don’t cross the streams and try not to get slime on your dress.”
    This comment. Winning all the comments. Ew.

    The Sonic costume is rather adorable and is probably the only one I would consider putting on.

    But I just noticed the Magical Unicorn has a tail, a TAIL! Thus, it has my vote.

  8. Pink Ranger: always a fan of Power Rangers
    Boba Fett: always a fan of Star Wars

  9. Definitely Magic Dragon!

  10. Have to go with the Ghostbuster.

  11. Marge Simpson or Sexy Ghostbuster!

  12. This is so hard! Okay, okay; I vote dragon. It was a tie for me between dragon and unicorn, but you get so much more costume with the dragon!

  13. I’m going with the Ghostbuster on this.

    Also, the Cheetara costume is essentially spot-on from the cartoon, so is that actually “sexy?”

  14. Magic Dragon….

    Because it immediately reminded me of this:

  15. Ok, I’m gonna say Boba Fett for the simple reason that the socks are awesome. Anything that comes with an item you can re-wear on a regular basis is a pretty good buy, even if the costume sits in a closet for the rest of eternity.

  16. Magic Dragon!

  17. Gotta go with Magic Dragon, but pikachu and ghostbusters are a close 2nd.

  18. Boba Fett for days.


    Well you need the flag anyway. 4th of July. So just buy that.

    Boba Fett. I choose Boba Fett.

  20. Sassy Sully, then, American Flag and Dragon.

  21. Sassy Sully or Sexy Pikachu. Also, my husband on the Pikachu costume, “it’s like she killed various Pikachus and is wearing parts of their hides…”



  24. I vote either Boba Fett or Sonic the Hedgehog. The ability to reuse Boba Fett in a variety of ways appeals to the eco-girl in me. And Sonic is damn cute.

  25. Please don’t wear the American Flag as an article of clothing. It’s disrespectful to our wonderful flag even if it is well intentioned. Glag etiquette (and a point of law) dictates that the flag should not be used as clothing.

    I like the Cheetarah one best. 🙂

  26. Ghostbuster! Putting the bust in… ghostbust?

  27. Magic Dragon.

    2nd choice – Cheetarah.

    WHY THE PETER PAN ATROCITY??? *shakes fist at Disney*

  28. Definitely the Boba Fett. It’s cute, but looks like a fairly solid costume.

  29. Steena, I know no one will believe me, but I legitimately didn’t mean any innuendo by the Ghostbusters comments. That’s what I get for quickly trying to name random things about Ghostbusters in my description. Even the description for a Sexy Ghostbusters costume is accidentally sexy.

  30. Wow, so hard to decide which of these is the most outrageous! For me, CSI is the one stretching it the most ludicrously, child beauty pageant contestant is the most creepy and “Ew, who thought THAT was an even remotely acceptable idea,” but I’m going to have to vote for Boba Fett as the one that’s the most ridiculous costume to be given a sexy translation. I mean, the dress style is cute, but BOBA FETT? Really?? So, my vote is for Boba Fett! Creeping on my childhood movie memories since Halloween 2013.

  31. ROBOCOP (that way you can tell people to “Stay out of trouble.”)

    2nd Choice Pikachu

  32. Sonic is the best outfit by far. You can’t go wrong with Sonic.

  33. Sonic! I can totally see you wearing that.

  34. Power Rangers – Pink Ranger will not ruin my childhood.

  35. Power Ranger for sure.

  36. There is no contest…um…Little Miss. Supreme Beauty, of course! Plus, you’d have an excuse to eat pixie sticks all night! Second place is the flag because you could get two uses from it and it would make 4th of July AWESOME!!

  37. Marge simpson. I want that wig to happen so bad.

  38. I also vote for Marge, because that wig is hilarious.

    “Sassy Sully” is a close second in WTF-ness.

  39. Pink Ranger.

  40. Boba Fett!
    Boba Fett!
    Boba Fett!

  41. I’m going for Boba Fett, because Star Wars!

  42. Cheetarah is awesome.


  43. Got to go with boba fett

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