ThinkGeek’s Charm Bracelet

If you were to believe the ads that are everywhere around this time of year, you’d think every woman wanted a European-style charm bracelet with the following “unique” and “personal” items on it: flip flops, a crystal birthstone, a ladybug, the Eiffel Tower, and a purse. I’ve never in my life wanted a flip-flop or a purse on a bracelet. Although the idea behind these bracelets is cool (create a custom bracelet and get a new bead for each holiday/big occasion in your life) I just haven’t found beads that represent me.

As usual, ThinkGeek has come to the rescue. They’ve released their own charm bracelet that includes things like Timmy, a companion cube, a computer, and a “bling mushroom.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see them releasing new beads further down the road as well.

The bracelet itself is $39.99 and the beads range from $12.99-29.99 at It’ll make a fantastic gift for all of the geeky ladies in your life!

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