Threadless is having another $10 tee sale (and everything else is on sale as well!), and I think I’ve been really good about not picking up tons of t-shirts at cons this summer. Clearly that means I can splurge now, right?

These are some shirts I’m putting in my shopping cart. They’re all ones I’ve had my eye on for a while, and they all seem to go with the theme of “adventure.”:

Let's Go On An Adventure Tee
Let’s Go On An Adventure (This adorable D20 will make this my new go-to gaming tee!)

Today is the Day shirt
Today is The Day (Glows in the dark to say “Tonight is the night!”)

Adventure Awaits Shirt
Adventure Awaits (Belle and The Doctor? Can’t go wrong.)

Adventure Seeker Hoody
Certified Adventure Seeker Hoody (For when your adventures start to get chilly!)

You can see everything at What will you be picking up?

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