WIN The New Espionage Cosmetics “Curses” Collection!

Espionage Curses Espionage Cosmetics is releasing a new collection today–a set of glitters named after your favorite fictional curse words. The set includes “Gorram,” “Frak,” “Zark,” and “Frell,” and these glitters are GORGEOUS. And because they love you, they want to give one of you a set for free! Just enter below for your chance to win! A new product launch isn’t all Espionage has up its sleeve: Tomorrow (May 1st) is their 3 year anniversary and they’re going to celebrate by having a sale and featuring five new mask nail wraps in a variety of colors! The winner of our contest will ALSO receive the mask nail wraps! So, enter below and then pop on over to to check out their goods, and stop by their Facebook page and congratulate them on the new launch and 3 years of making nerdy makeup!

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  1. Gorram is my fave (so far).

  2. I am loving Frell, but I kinda want to mix them all together.

  3. FRAK, is my favorite word but gorram looks like mu color.

  4. I love Frell best, but Gorram’s pretty awesome too.

  5. They are all adorable but my favorite has to be Gorram.

  6. Camilla Hollensen

    I think i love Zark the most, but I would really just use them all *all* the time! <3

  7. Gorram. I love the green, it just pops.

  8. Gorram is my favorite!

  9. I Like Gorram and Frell! Green is not only my fave color, but I like to say Gorram…a lot!

  10. I think I like Frak the best. I like all the others too though 🙂

  11. Zark, (but I know the model and that might make me biased)- I got some of the browncoats collection, and I think it would complement them nicely.

  12. FRAK!!! (But Frell is a close second.) 🙂

  13. Gorram is my fave.

  14. I’m liking the Frell color!

  15. I love Frell, but that’s because I’m a huge Farscape fans. All of the colors are beautiful!

  16. I think I would actually wear frell the most, but gorram is my favorite to say.

  17. I actually like all of these…I’ve never been huge into makeup but these are all gorgeous.

  18. Gorram and Frell are my favorites!

  19. I like Gorram, but I think Frak would probably look the best on me. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Marisa Younker

    Gorram is my favorite color!

  21. I <3 all the GORRAM glitter!!! #teamglitterlove

  22. Frell is my favorite color, while Gorram is my favorite word. 😉

  23. I like frell the most but frak is a close second 🙂

  24. Gorram is my favorite!

  25. I like Gorram the best, but I expect that Frell would be the most worn by me. But it’s also totally an excuse to watch more Farscape. 🙂

  26. All of the colors are so pretty!

  27. Gorram is my favorite. Its such a gorgeous color!

  28. Gotta love them all! But mostly Frell!

  29. Not only is Frell my favorite word to say at work, but it is also in my favorite color of glittler!! Love you! Love Espionage! Love all the nerdy things!!!!

  30. I love Espionage Cosmetics! I bought loads of nail wraps and some of their everything shadows at ECCC. Everyone I met at their booth was awesome.

    These glitters look incredible, while frak is my favorite curse to use in real life, I really like the look of frell. But it’s glitter, and glitter makes everything better!

  31. I LOVE Gorram!

  32. Love Gorram and Frell!! Who doesn’t love glitter!

  33. Frack for sure!

  34. Am in such love with Gorram.

  35. Gorram is my favourite!

  36. Gorram happens to be my favorite color choice as well as my favorite curse word 😉

  37. Frak. Definitely. Zark is my second!

  38. Cassidy Clayton

    These are really cool!

  39. Cassidy Clayton

    I think I like Frak the best.

  40. I am so excited! I have been not so patiently waiting for these to be released.

  41. Gorramit! I love Gorram! <3

  42. Frell is stunning but all the colors are amazing!!!

  43. Gorram is lovely.

  44. I love frak!!! It’s so vibrant and awesome!!

  45. I want Zark and Frell! And to make them into lip glossies

  46. gorram is my favorite and the new claw cover wraps are fantabulous!!!!!!!

  47. Gorram is definitely striking, but I like Frell too! I love them all actually 🙂

  48. I am diggin’ Zark and Gorram for sure!!

  49. I’m a Frak girl myself

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